How to Write Subject Lines That Grab Attention and Increase Open Rates

Do your emails sit unopened in your subscribers’ inbox? You’re not alone. People receive dozens of promotional emails daily, making it hard to stand out. But with the right subject line, your emails can pop out like a unicorn in a field of horses.

Be Clear and Specific

Avoid vague subject lines like “check this out” or “you won’t believe it.” Be straightforward and specific about what’s inside the email. For example, “10% off all items in-store this weekend” or “new arrivals from our summer collection.”

Use Emojis πŸ’₯

Emojis add fun to your subject lines and make them more eye-catching. Plus, they convey emotions better than words. A study by Experian found that 56% of brands using emojis in their subject lines had higher open rates than those that didn’t. So, spice up your subject lines with some πŸ”₯ emojis.

Make It Urgent

People have a fear of missing out (FOMO), so use it to your advantage. Create a sense of urgency by adding time-limited offers or using phrases like “limited time only” or “last chance.” For example, “24 hours left to get free shipping!”

Personalize It

Personalized subject lines give a human touch to your emails, making them more engaging. Use your subscriber’s name or mention their recent activity with your brand. For example, “πŸŽ‰ Happy Birthday, Sarah! Here’s a special treat for you!” or “You left something in your cart, Jake. Complete your purchase now.”

Keep It Short and Sweet

Long subject lines get cut off on mobile devices, so keep it brief. Generally, subject lines that are 50 characters or less have higher open rates. Plus, short subject lines are easier to read and understand. For example, “Ready for a summer adventure?”

Test and Analyze

There’s no one-size-fits-all formula for subject lines, so test different ones to see what works for your audience. A/B test your subject lines by sending two different subject lines to a small section of your list and seeing which one has a higher open rate. Then, use the winning subject line for the rest of your list. Also, keep an eye on your email metrics to see how your subject lines are performing over time.


Your subject line is the first impression your email makes on your subscribers. Don’t waste it. By following these tips, you can write subject lines that demand attention and increase open rates. And remember, always be yourself and sprinkle a little personality in your subject lines.

Now, go write someπŸ”₯ subject lines and watch those open rates soar!πŸš€

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By Kathleen Celmins

Kathleen is a desert-dwelling yogi who helps agency owners and service providers uncover a $100,000 revenue stream without having to create anything new. Every business owner who has been working for at least a few years has $100,000 just sitting in their digital files, collecting digital dust. She helps them uncover those income streams, leverage their expertise, and package it properly.