How to Tell Better Stories in Your Videos

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At AmplifiedNOW, we serve people in the professional services industries like financial planners, realtors and anyone who’s making a living providing services in a way that is a one-on-one connection with other people. We know that everyone needs content but we’re focused on the kinds of people who are making a living with their knowledge and expertise.

If you’re one of those people, you probably don’t want to do marketing. You did not become a financial advisor to do marketing all the time. And yet, here we are. You have to do marketing in order to get people’s attention in order to get indexed by the search engines. You didn’t know that this was going to be part of what you have to do – but it is.

However, video is your easy solution. It’s your back door and your set up for whatever you might need. One of the biggest obstacles our clients face when creating their videos is how to structure the talking head videos.

How to Lead With a Story

When we sit down with a client to record videos, there will be some instances where you may want to tell a story. This won’t just be any story, but it will likely be about something that happened in your life that’s allowed you to come to a conclusion and create a specific point.

If your story is really good, it will help you better connect with your audience. I realized that that’s a really good example of some way to connect with your audience. So when you’re creating a video lead with a story, also make sure it’s not a story about you necessarily, unless you are not the protagonist.

People will not align themselves with you if the thesis of your story is something about how you didn’t realize you were so great and now, something happened and you realize now how great you are. That doesn’t work. So if you are in the story it’s you as the guide, you as the trusted adviser, or it’s a story that’s not about you.

If you don’t have any of those, it doesn’t matter. People won’t know except for the people who are closest to you that that story you just told didn’t happen to your friend, Brian, it happened to you. It doesn’t matter.

Telling the Story

Lead with a story and give people an opportunity to connect with that story. If they can see themselves in that story, then they are listening to what comes next.

During your story be sure to hit them with a few points like a lesson or clear conclusion that can be drawn. Talk about a bunch of different points but make sure that you keep in line with the story that you’re telling. You want to know where you’re headed. That leads the final important point which is to end with a call to action.

What do you ultimately want the person viewing the video to do afterward? Most likely, you want someone to book a call. Plan out your storytelling to lead up to a call-to-action that makes sense to the viewer.

If you don’t know where you’re going to send people after a video, we have a bunch of different calls to action that we encourage people to add to their video. You may want them to subscribe to your channel, download something that you’re talking about, or book a call. Those are the three main calls to action.

If you can’t think about a story from a call to action, you’re not alone.

Good Stories Can Drive the Success Of Your Videos

I bet in your life, there are tons of stories that you could connect to your work because of the way that you see the world. Think about that. Make your videos story-driven, not point driven. People can get all the points that they need from a bulleted list. They’re not going to absorb it unless you have a story.

If you don’t have a story, come up with an analogy. Even if you do have a story, an analogy really ties things together: It’s like tying a shoe. That’s what I say with sales pages or calls to action. Your call to action is your endpoint for your GPS that connects with me – people understand that.

If you have a complicated concept that takes you 10 minutes to explain, see if there’s an analogy that works in that context. Also, break it down into smaller pieces because your audience is smart.

Tell 100 Stories

Seriously. The more you get used to it, the better you’ll become. Your 101st story will be significantly better than your first story. It might not be 100 times better because you’re already starting with a whole bunch of knowledge. Still, there’s a lot of kinks and things to work around when you’re getting started with video.

The beautiful thing about the internet is how short attention spans are. So you can get better at doing video by doing video publicly. You don’t get better at it simply by hitting record and having that go nowhere. Get out there, start doing video and start getting more clients just based on how you’re connecting with people. Tell your stories, tell your clients stories, connect with people and draw them back to you.

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