How to Show Up Consistently Without Actually Having to Be Consistent

Turn one video into 27 pieces of content

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Amplified NOW is a video-first content marketing agency that helps you create videos with your cell phone and turn them into as much content as you possibly can. Having all this content can be helpful when it comes to posting on social media, but it can still be challenging to be consistent. And, if you read anything about what it takes to succeed online, it boils down to consistency. 

Post every day, be out there, be everywhere. It’s exhausting. But, there is a way to show up consistently, every single day, without actually having to put content out every single day.

The Hard Way To Be Consistent

If you were to create content daily and do your regular job, you could get buried quickly. Especially if you take a platform-first approach, where you sit down to LinkedIn and think, well, what am I going to say that’s insightful to LinkedIn. Then, you sit down and say, well, I should probably say something on Twitter too, but I just said this on LinkedIn. I don’t want anybody to think it’s the same thing. 

So, you end up thinking you have to have many different pieces of unique content every single day because you’re on so many different platforms or channels. Nobody has time for that. That’s ridiculous. 

A Different Approach to Consistency

What you can do instead is take a platform-agnostic approach. This means creating one piece of content and using it across all your platforms. You may need to make changes to the format or length, but you will only be thinking of what to say one time. 

What we teach in Content With A Purpose is how to develop your content strategy and then how to sit down and challenge yourself to create a year’s worth of content in two weeks. Now, it will be a very intense two weeks if you do it this way, but it’ll be worth it. 

You begin with brainstorming, which then will allow you to do all your content creation. After that is complete, you can use the power of robots to help you be consistent while remaining authentically you for six months. One smartphone video turns into 27 pieces of content, and all it takes is some thoughtful strategy, a meaningful approach, and a willingness to lean on scheduling tools. 

Tools to Show Up Consistently

We have a list of tools that we really like. The one that I prefer for scheduling is called Missing Lettr. It takes a blog first approach by taking content from your blog and pulling out key pieces — quotes, images, and all that. Then, it helps you distribute it through all your content channels. That way, you can show up, hit record, talk, and be done with it. 

It’s Easier Than You Think!

I don’t use the two weeks to create a year’s worth of content approach myself. I tend to find pieces of quiet wherever I can. Other people who have loud humans and dogs in the background hear me on this, right? It’s a little bit more complicated, especially with a lot of people home, to set aside two weeks or book a studio. 

But, if you think about it, if you could do a year’s worth of content in two weeks, you could do an entire week of content in 15 or 20 minutes. That would be everything you needed to get your video up, get your blog post transcribed, cleaned up, and turned into a lovely blog post, and then create an email for your list. All of that, along with the graphics, micro-videos, Tik Toks, and Instagram Reels can be done in so much less time than you think.  

Content With A Purpose 

We would love to show you this. Head over and check out Content With A Purpose, where you’ll learn how this process can help improve your consistency while still giving you time to do all the other things your business requires.

How to show up consistently without actually having to be consistent
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