How to Get Your New Product or Service in Front of the Right People

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Video is currently one of the best ways to market your product these days. If you’re thinking about getting into creating videos for your service-based business, it’s important to know how you can get your new service or product in front of the right people as well.

In order to grow and sustain your business, you need to reach the exact people who are in need of that new product or service or offer. Think about it… Let’s say you’ve spent a certain amount of time developing a new service. You’ve decided on your target market and on how you want to go after them.

Or maybe you’ve haven’t decided who you want to help and what problem you’re going to solve. So how do you do it? How do you get in front of people with video and market your product?

Outdated Methods to Market Your Product Clearly Don’t Work

I had a real conversation with a client a few weeks ago who asked these very same questions. I feel like a lot of other people may have these questions too so this is a perfect time to address this common concern.

Now, this particular client I spoke with had bought an email list. It’s 2020 and most marketing tactics have evolved – perhaps for the better. The days where you can buy an email list are over. You can’t really do that. Even if you can (obviously you can because this person did) those are not quality email addresses.

The bad news is that whatever they paid for those email addresses, that cost is never going to be recovered. But the good news is, they can start collecting email addresses of people who actually are in their target market.

Content Has a Life of Its Own

The thing that people don’t really understand is that content sort of has a life of its own. Yes, you need to do the creating. To me, expert videos are the easiest way to do that and market your product. You only speak for 5 to 10 minutes about the problems that you solve, the questions that people have, or the questions you wish people had.

Then, you set it up into a simple system that gets that message in front of people who might be having that particular problem, right at that moment. When that happens, it’s magic because you get in front of the right person and they have the problem right now that you are giving them the solution to. They’re going to become a lead very quickly. You can get people to respond much quicker with real content than with a generic purchased list.

Most of the time if you get an unsolicited email, you’re not going to respond very well. The same goes with a cold reach out on LinkedIn that doesn’t have anything to do with anything other than the fact that they found you on LinkedIn.

I get a lot of queries about software development needs. I have none. Whether or not they have a really good follow up – and most of these people do – it doesn’t matter. I’m not their target. So use LinkedIn, yes. But use it to find the people that you most want to help. Use it to find the people who are talking about those problems.

Video Can Draw People in So You Can Market to Them

When you think about how you’ll market your product or service with video, remember marketing exists to solve problems. It takes some of the pressure off of it. You don’t have to do marketing. You have to go find people who you can help, and you can help them, and that’s it. That’s all there is to it.

When you think about it in terms of your newest offer, how to get that in front of the right people is a bigger conversation. It’s asking, how do we find the people who have the problem that this new service or product solves? Then, you systematically talk to those points. As a result, you’re creating a magnet where you’re pulling people in and giving them a checklist or an on-demand webinar in exchange for their email address.

Nurture them along during the video and even afterward. Talk to them about their pain points and the problems they might be having. You talk to them about what they might be complaining about.

Once you get a few clients in, talk to them, listen to their pain points in their language and start speaking to them. That will go so much farther than simply trying to share on your own social networks. This is why content marketing works and video is an excellent tool and strategy.

I would love to help you get your content marketing off to a good start and find efficient ways to market your product or service with a video strategy. Just click here to book a call so we can discuss your needs and I can answer any questions for you.

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