Leads Aren’t Going to Come to You. Here’s What to do Instead.

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Have you ever gotten so caught up in doing work that feels like work that you are actually not focusing on the things that make you money? I’m asking that because I have experienced this for sure and have wondered how to get leads even while not being the top salesperson. If you’re wondering how to get leads for your business, it’s not by waiting on them to come to you.

There’s a phrase that my friend and I call ‘playing work’, where, instead of reaching out to people and doing marketing tasks, we’re adjusting the button color on a sales page that has gotten 9 page views.

What I want you to know is that leads are not going to stumble upon your sales page. Again, this is as much a note for me (and my future self) as it is for anybody else. There’s a reason why I do marketing instead of teaching people how to do sales.

How To Get Leads With a Solid Marketing Plan

Sales is an outreach conversation while marketing is much more about putting your message out there and getting the right people to see it and having them come to you. I came to marketing because I had a sales job and I was afraid to reach out to people.

So I built a content marketing plan, started writing a bunch of blog content and people started coming to me. So I get it. But the thing that I didn’t do, and the thing that you can’t do is just keep building sales pages for products that nobody wants.

If you have an idea for something, that’s great. In fact, that’s what entrepreneurism is, right? You have an idea, you execute it, you do it again and again and again, and you move on. You can absolutely determine how to get leads and build a very robust list of sales pages by simply doing that. But the thing is, you won’t be farther along than if you built a full marketing system.

By that, I mean you need an opt-in, the landing page, Facebook ads, an email sequence, and content to get people into seeing those landing pages and email sequences. That’s what doing marketing is. I know that for me, every time I wrote a sales page only one or two other people ever saw, I could have been working on creating content and great videos.

Don’t Rush the Sale

When you work on creating content, doing videos, writing blog posts, and coming up with some big piece of freely available information, you can get much farther than rushing out a sales page. So I just want you to know, leads aren’t just going to show up and ask you how they can give you money.

People are never going to come up and ask ‘what can you do for me’ just from you creating more sales page content. So create a system instead. Anytime you are inspired to create something new, back that up. Sure, think about the sales page, but have a conversation with 5 or 10 people to see if it’s something that you should even develop.

Writing the sales page, for me, is one of the most fun things I do in my day. I know, I know. I also like making slide decks. So I’m a special kind of crazy, right. But before you do that work, make sure you’re building something people want.

How to Get Leads Consistently Over Time

I would rather you build a sales page and not have a product behind it than building a product that you’re not sure will sell. So remember that you need leads and you need customers to build your business. Then work accordingly. Marketing is not pointless as long as you have a direction that you know you’re headed. If you want to book a call with me to discuss your video marketing strategy, just head here.

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