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One of the most common questions I get asked about recording videos is whether someone should wait until they get comfortable on video. Or even wait til they are perfect!

More specifically, I get asked questions like: “Do you think that I should wait until I’m perfect? Or do you think it’s better to just start now and get better with time?” I have a very strong opinion about this.

It might not surprise you to know that you can get more comfortable on video over time and there’s no reason to wait. If you wait until you’re perfect on camera or your website looks perfect, people are going to start buying from your competition.

Do You Know What Matters More Than Quality?

Everyone knows that people don’t always buy the best product. People aren’t buying on quality. The quality matters only a little bit and often times it only matters if it’s really bad. Marketing, sales, and visibility matter so much more.

You can’t get in front of people unless you’re actually getting in front of people. When we can’t get in front of people because of COVID-19, what are we supposed to do?

Well, I’m doing video, and I think you should too even if you’re not going to be good at it right away. We do have ways to get around that and our process really makes that easy. At AmplifiedNOW, we help you get comfortable on video and eliminate some of the fears that come with getting in front of a camera for the first time.

There’s just something more intimidating about a webcam vs. a blank page. But visibility matters. And perfection doesn’t, you will get better.

Get Comfortable on Video By Making a Connection

Think about these videos as things you can do. While you’re going to get more comfortable on video and get better overall, realize, you don’t have to publish content that you’re not proud of.

I would hesitate before getting rid of any videos though because a good video is about connection. If you can feel connected to someone, that’s the important thing.

Make eye contact and make sure you know where to look on your camera. That way, you’re making the right kind of eye contact and not looking off to the side. You can also put a sticker on the middle of your monitor to help you practice good eye contact when recording.

Look at the people that you’re talking to. Otherwise, it’s going to look like you are reading even when you’re not. To get comfortable on video faster, don’t psyche yourself out. Simply talk about the things that are on your mind, what makes you different, the things you observe, your lens, and the problems that you solve. All these are really good ideas for videos.

Don’t Wait to Get Started With Video

You don’t have to wait until you are really good at this because there’s one way to get better at doing video and that’s just simply doing more video. I’m not saying to just out there do a video willy nilly. You need to have a strategy behind it and you will get comfortable on video more over time.

Remember, you’re letting people see the world through your eyes and the more you do it, the better you get. Even if someone who is not your target tells you that you’re not as polished as you could be, don’t let it stop you because you’re not going to get polished by not doing video.

That is why I have given myself a challenge to record 100 videos before the end of 2020. I have a chart to help me keep track of this goal. We’re publishing a video a day so that we can get in front of more people so that we can kick start our content production.

Will I be producing videos every day from now on? No, absolutely not. But it’s important to realize that the world keeps evolving so there are plenty of content ideas to go around.

Once you start thinking about what you’re going to talk about, you will continue to be able to talk about it over and over and over again. I would love to talk to you about whatever questions you might have in terms of creating a video strategy. Just head here to book a call and I’d love to speak with you. Thanks

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