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How to define and communicate your coaching or consulting value proposition?

How to Define and Communicate Your Coaching or Consulting Value Proposition

So, you’re a coach or a consultant? Congrats, you big shot! But do you know what makes you different from all the other hustle and bustle in your niche? Do you know how to explain that to people without making them want to snooze?

Define Your Coaching or Consulting Value

The first step is to figure out your value proposition. This is the unique selling point that sets you apart from the rest. Ask yourself, “What do I do better than anyone else?” “What unique life experience or training do I bring to the table?” “What kind of results did I achieve with my clients?”

Your value proposition doesn’t have to be world-changing, but it needs to be real. It needs to be something that makes people think, “Hey, this could be something for me!”

Communicate Your Coaching or Consulting Value

Once you have identified your value proposition, it’s time to work on your communication skills. You need to be able to explain what makes you special in a way that resonates with your potential clients.

Start by keeping it simple. Avoid using industry jargon or buzzwords. Instead, use everyday language that people can understand. Nobody wants to feel dumb or left out of the loop.

Also, be specific. Instead of saying, “I help people achieve their dreams,” say, “I walk people through a step-by-step process to achieve their dream of starting their own business within six months.”

Lastly, make it personal. Share your story with your potential clients. Tell them how you got to where you are today and why you’re so passionate about helping others. People want to connect with people, not robots.


As a coach or consultant, your value proposition is your golden ticket to success. Take the time to figure out what sets you apart and then work on communicating it in a way that speaks to your potential clients. With a little practice, you’ll have them lining up to work with you in no time. Good luck, buddy!

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