How Long Should a Video For Marketing Be?

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There are so many different requirements for video lengths across multiple platforms. It can be confusing to decide between creating long-form content for YouTube or short micro-content for TikTok or Instagram. You may be left wondering how long should videos for marketing be?

Not to mention how overwhelming it can seem even to get started with video marketing. It’s no wonder many entrepreneurs or business owners don’t even begin. 
But, I’m here to tell you that it’s not as complicated as it seems and worth the effort. You’ll see fantastic results when it’s done well.

How Long Should A Video Be?

I’m often asked, how long should a marketing video be? I find that people expect me to say something like it should be 45-minutes scripted or 15-seconds in a commercial style. 

Sometimes, when people ask this question, they are looking for a reason to rule video marketing out. 
They are hoping I’ll tell them it needs to be a two-hour seminar or that they need to create multiple videos every day. Then they’ll be able to say they don’t have time for that and move on. 

Imagine their surprise when I tell them that the answer is actually five to 10-minutes? I can see their shoulders relax as they begin to feel more confident in their ability to start creating video marketing content.

The Sweet Spot For Re-Purposing

Five to 10 minutes in length is the sweet spot for most video marketing clients. It gives them a bit of time to talk through a concept but doesn’t allow them to ramble. 

A huge benefit is that it also makes it easy to re-purpose that video into written content and cut it down into micro-content clips, giving you up to 27 pieces of content from one video.

If you are a service provider offering video marketing to your clients, know that it may take 20 minutes of footage to get five or 10 minutes, especially if your client is just starting. 
That is okay! When you start to edit, you will find the pieces that will make the most significant impact.

The Importance Of A Story

More important than the length of the video is what you communicate in your video.
For example, a story about the transformation that occurs when a client works with you is what makes your video stand out and keeps your audience engaged.

A compelling story allows your potential clients to picture themselves working with you. They will be able to see the similarities between themselves and the client in your account and begin to envision how your solution will change their life too.

A transformation story shows your audience what it’s like to work with you and what they can expect from your product or service. As a result, they can clearly see if it is the right fit for them.

When you tell a story, highlight your main point, and finish with a call to action, you’ll be making successful videos that benefit your audience and showcase your expertise.

The Value of Content Marketing

Sometimes the value of content marketing is hard to imagine. It can be challenging to know if it’s working. 

However, I have often seen someone who has been reticent to do content marketing in the past who took the leap, and now they are starting to get attention.

The value of being top-of-mind when someone thinks of your profession is hard to quantify, but it leads to results. You will be the person that they turn to when they need your expertise and who they refer their family and friends to. 

Video content marketing allows you to add value for those following you and makes it easy for people to find you when the time is right.

When you can share your expertise with lots of people — both those who already know you and those who don’t — without constantly creating new content day in and day out, you’ll know content marketing is working for you.

We Can Help!

Click here to learn more about the process we use at Amplified NOW to help our clients begin creating and re-purpose video marketing content. You’ll find all our best tips and tricks for making the process easy and effective.

Thinking of getting started with video marketing but not sure how long your content should be? Learn how long to make your videos and what you can do to make them more effective.
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