How Haley Launched Her Group Coaching Business During a Pandemic

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Kathleen Celmins is the CEO and co-founder of Amplified NOW, a video content marketing agency that helps experts and small businesses get their message out. She sat down with Haley Grayless to talk about how she uses video in her business.

Haley is the owner of Växa Collective. With 15 years in the non-profit world, Haley is passionate about helping corporations build and create a company culture that allows leaders and employees to feel empowered by optimizing their talents. 

At Växa Collective, she helps organizations create high-performing teams by improving workplace culture through leadership and talent development. She is also the host of the Facebook group called Millennials Advancing Leadership Skills, where she provides free training and resources. 

In January 2021, she launched a group coaching program called The Millennial Leadership Lab which gives new leaders techniques to help them have better relationships with their team members while also getting better results. 

Changing Toxic Environments For The Better

Over the years, Haley heard many stories from people in her network who dealt with leaders who made their lives miserable. She heard accounts of leaders who didn’t know how to show appreciation or concern for their employees and individuals feeling like they were stuck working in a horrible environment. 

After experiencing a toxic workplace culture firsthand, Haley decided that she needed to take action. After getting her Master’s in Organizational Development, she chose to use her degree, passion, and skill set to help companies be better places to work.

She loves to help people stop dreading going to work and start loving their jobs. She truly believes you don’t have to work 40 or more hours a week in a terrible environment. 

Haley uses a wide range of techniques, from company-wide organizational development consulting to one-on-one coaching. She knew video was just what she needed to take her business to the next level.

Embracing “Imperfect” Videos

When first experimenting with video in her business, Haley was uncomfortable. She worried about her lighting and finding the right background. She ended up moving into an extra room in her home where there was a window that gave her great natural light, and she decided not to worry about the background anymore. 

Instead, she chose to focus more on connection and sharing her knowledge. Haley knows that people want to see the person they are thinking of working with and believes that authentic connection leads to more trust. When the Coronavirus Pandemic hit and everything had to go virtual, it was trial by fire for Haley. She got her first Zoom account and started promoting everything with video. She began hosting virtual trainings and seminars. 

Before launching her group coaching program in January 2021, her strategy was to do live videos every single day leading up to her launch, providing her viewers with lots of free value and pitching them her program. She began to realize that it wasn’t important to be “camera-ready” all the time. Seeing the authentic you helps people trust you and, ultimately, trust your product.

Using video helped Haley launch her group coaching program and continue to grow her business from home during the pandemic. Through video, she continued to reach her audience and allowed them to see what working with her would be like and how it would change their lives. 

Video Repurposing

One aspect of video that Haley hopes to do more of is video repurposing. 

Live video can be a great training ground for getting your message fine-tuned and ready to record, but recording video that can be saved, repurposed, and used over and over is where the real magic of video lies. 

To begin creating content in this way, create an outline of what you want to say, hit record, and share your message. 

Once you have your video recorded, you can download our checklist that will give you step-by-step instructions for editing your video so it can be used in different places on social media and uploaded to YouTube. Then, you can use the transcript from your video to write up a blog post and email for your email list.

Before you know it, you’ll have weeks worth of content from one video.  At Amplified NOW, we call this the Megaphone Method for Content Creation.

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How Haley launched her group coaching business during a pandemic
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