How to Start Making Video Content

Turn one video into 27 pieces of content

Download the exact checklist we use to turn one 5-10 minute video into 27 pieces of content.

Getting started with something new is bound to make most people feel nervous or even a little skeptical. Sometimes the hardest step is to get started. This is why I wasn’t surprised when someone flat out asked me: “How do I get started with video marketing?”

I love this question, of course, because I want to talk about video marketing all day every day. But, when talking to this particular person, I knew if I made it sound too hard, they wouldn’t do it.

So how do you get started with video marketing without making it a complicated and overwhelming process? Here’s a simple way to begin the process.

Start Going Live

My go-to when I wanted to get started with video involved setting a time every week to go live on my Facebook page. Going live in a group can be a great way to get some engagement and get used to talking on camera but it may not really go anywhere since your audience is limited to the group members.

However, if you’re determined to do it, set up a Facebook group, and go live every week in the group. Answer questions, come up with topics, and if your group is big enough, do a Q and A where you can answer questions on the fly.

If you don’t have a Facebook group, go live on your Instagram or Facebook page for your business. Plan out what you’ll talk about and realize you don’t need to spend an hour going live to get good practice with video. Just commit to discussing one topic for a few minutes. Don’t worry about equipment or fancy camera’s just yet. The key is to simply get started and get comfortable.

Focus on contributing quality information that will help people and showcase your expertise.

Why Now Is the Best Time to Get Started With Video Marketing

Honestly, I really think that video converts so much better, especially for service professionals or people who are making money from their knowledge.

Are you a consultant? A coach? Service provider? Are people wondering if they should do business with you? Well, the truth is, you are not the only one who somebody might want to work with.

I’m sure there are some exceptions. But often, you’re one in a million, right? There are dozens and dozens of people who do just what you do. But most people still aren’t doing video. So, if you get started with video marketing now it’s a really good way to differentiate yourself in the market.

You can still answer the same questions everyone answers in their sales process, but you do it your way. Once you do that, set it up to repurpose everywhere. As a result, what you’ve created is not just video content and it’s not just getting started doing videos.

It’s creating an entire content marketing system that is anything but generic. You know, there’s all the boilerplate blog posts, social media prompts, quote templates, and all of that but anybody can do those. The thing that differentiates what you provide, is you.

Build Your Content Strategy With Video

So what if you could speak for 5 to 10 minutes on topics that you were exceedingly well versed in and have those videos turned into an entire content strategy?

That’s what I have. We have a download available on our website for the checklist of everything you do to capture your genius on video, then turn it into dozens of different pieces. I hope this was helpful and I’d love to see you get started with video marketing!

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