One Sneaky Thing to Watch Out For When You’re Creating Your Videos

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Have you ever watched a video and got put off by the speaker’s tone? I have noticed this a couple of times where people get into a habit of coming off as arrogant in their videos. They may say something like: “You are lucky to be hearing from me” or “Other people probably haven’t given you real knowledge like this before”.

Sometimes that comes off as so patronizing over like breathy optimism. Tone is very important when it comes to creating videos.

Luckily, fixing your tone in videos is solvable with practice, because you do better on your 30th video than you do on your first. Here are some simple ways to start fixing your tone in videos when you’re creating valuable content.

Shoot Your Videos as an Interview

This sneaky issue that may come up in your videos can be solved by interviewing. That’s what we do with our service at AmplifiedNOW. We sit down with an expert and a list of ideas we’ve come up with before.

Brainstorming takes a totally different part of your brain than actually hitting record and going live. We sit down and go over it just a little bit. We don’t do any scripting, because very often, experts who are scripted sound like they’re reading the script. No one wants that and you know your topics so well that you don’t need to read anything.

In fact, with a script, you’ll just sound wooden, unless you’re an actor or some newscaster who’s used to reading lines. We don’t script, but we do interview and this can be so helpful when it comes to fixing your tone in videos.

We go over the topic and talk about the talking points. Then, you’ll give your call to action at the end and I’ll mute myself.

It Helps to Visualize Who You’re Talking To

If you want to start fixing your tone in videos, try pretending like you’re talking to someone. If you work with us, you will be talking to me one-on-one and getting more comfortable in this format with each video we record.

Even though I won’t be in your video, you can have a conversation with another person and see how they react to what you’re saying and your tone. You can see how they’re reacting to you. It really helps you get out of your own head.

It helps keep things conversational. You want to make sure that you’re never talking down to people and that your real personality comes through. It’s not always praising yourself or putting others down, but letting your expertise and your authority comes through in your videos so you can help people solve a problem.

Fixing Your Tone in Videos Can Help Boost Your Bottom Line

You’re an expert. People are watching your videos to see if they ultimately want to work with you. You might want to ask somebody who doesn’t have anything vested in your business, (maybe a sibling or spouse) who will shoot you straight and tell you what they think about your tone.

Hopefully, I’m not sounding too patronizing here. But often, if you have to ask, the answer is yes. It’s easy to fix. You can just talk through it and think about how you’re talking when you do it. You can hit record again. This time, having somebody else in mind.

When you think you’re just on stage, sometimes that turns into feeling like you’re at the pulpit. Unless you are a preacher who needs to convey the same messaging, don’t do that. I hope that was helpful. I would love to talk strategy with you when you’re ready to think about video. If you want to book a call, the first 15-minutes strategy session is complimentary.

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