How this Financial Advisor is Leveraging Instagram to Build His Business

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Kathleen Celmins is the CEO and co-founder of Amplified Now, a video-first content marketing strategy company that helps clients get a lot of content created and get out of their own way while doing so. 

She sat down to talk to Cory Nichols, a financial advisor and the CEO of Yes Life Financial, about how his company is doing marketing differently. 

A New Approach 

Yes Life Financial is a boutique financial coaching, advising, and investment management firm for people who want to say yes to more in life. Cory says their main goal is to change the way financial advisors operate by removing conflicts of interest.

Cory says, “The typical financial advisor is only really equipped to help high income or high net worth individuals manage their money. Because of this, the vast majority of middle America will have to go through a financial advisor who is selling some sort of product. Typically, this leads to a potential conflict of interest about what is in the best interest of the client or the best interest of the advisor.”

So Yes Life Financial decided to take a new approach to solve this problem by creating a monthly subscription. This allows the client to have direct compensation and eliminates the vast majority of conflicts of interest. The client and advisor are able to be much more aligned with their goals. 

Structuring his business this way allows Cory to work with a wide range of clients. He typically works with people who have an income between 30,000 and 450,000 a year and a net worth anywhere between 225,000 to 4.5 million. The vast majority of his clients fall somewhere in the middle. 

Many are dual income, young families who can relate with him because he also a father of young children. Most of his clients are also at a point in their life where their incomes are growing as they continue to climb the ladder in their careers. 

Regardless of his client’s exact demographic, Cory enjoys working with anyone interested in learning more about managing their money and planning for the future.

Instagram Marketing Through Content Creation

Cory came from a traditional career in the wealth management world where he would spend his days calling clients and trying to schedule meetings. But, he found that he hated it. 

When he decided to build his own business, he knew he wanted it to self-feed clients to him so he wouldn’t have to spend his time generating them. 

Now that he has an established client base, the vast majority of his new business comes from referrals, but he got most of his leads through Instagram before he had that base. 

When asked why he decided to take the unconventional route of using Instagram to attract clients seeking financial advice, Cory says, “Do you know who has Instagram? Everyone has Instagram!” 

Cory admits that while you may not find your “typical wealth management client” on Instagram, you will find a new generation of people there. It’s also a way to reach people who aren’t being targeted by typical firms but looking for the services that Yes Life Financial has to offer. 

Because of the social nature of Instagram, Cory can reach a wide variety of people who, in turn, share his information with their friends, leading to even more referrals and business. It’s also a much more natural way to share financial advice without it feeling too pushy.

Cory believes that you can find the right people on Instagram as long as you are creating content. Most people are looking for quick and exciting content to teach them something while grabbing their attention. Instagram is the perfect way to provide that.

Cory loves to create content that focuses on a wide range of personal finance topics. He believes that no matter how much knowledge you give away on the internet, people will still pay you to get on-demand access to that knowledge rather than scrolling through your feed trying to find the one thing you once said is relevant to them at that moment. 

He also is passionate about sharing information that is accessible and easy to understand for those who may not be as familiar with all of the ins and outs of the typical finance world. He stays away from confusing industry terms and tries to make finance management more accessible to everyone.

Doing Marketing Differently

Cory works hard to build trust by adding value for free and believes that simplicity is the way to really connect with people. By doing marketing differently than the typical financial advisor, Cory is reaching an entirely new demographic and helping people build wealth along the way.

Find out more about Cory over at Yes Financial Life.

We’d love to hear how you and your business are doing marketing differently! Get in touch with us and be featured on the blog.

how this financial advisor is leveraging instagram to build his business
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