Should Your Company Do Expert Videos or High Produced Videos?

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I love helping people create expert videos that are going to showcase their expertise. I was talking to someone who was interested in expert videos but she wasn’t sure where to get started.

This was a company that didn’t know what they needed in terms of video. They asked whether they should spend their budget doing high produced videos like speaker reel quality for their product or service, or do expert videos. I think if you have the budget, you should do both.

What High Produced Videos Require

The highly produced ones require you to hire a videographer (someone local to your area) who will come and shoot a bunch of B roll, write a winning script and get a very polished video. The quality would be something you could possibly put on TV or send to sponsors. Or, maybe even gets you investors and helps in your sales process – especially at the high end of the market.

With expert videos, I’m not going to call them low end, but they do not require that much budget. They also don’t require that much scripting. In fact, the real value of an expert video is having the experts shoot from the hip and speak their expertise in a beautiful way that just comes naturally to them.

What we do is basically the opposite of those high produced videos. My answer to that prospect was they should probably start with the high produced videos because that’s what they think they need. That’s what their investors need. They’re thinking about going public.

But I guarantee you that 6 months of expert videos which can turn into social media content to go across your channels is about the same price as you would spend on one 30-second, highly produced video.

Considering Your Time and Money

So in terms of bang for your buck, it really depends on who you are and what you’re trying to do. If you are trying to get more one-on-one business, do expert videos. If you are trying to attract angel investors, spend the money and do the high produced videos. You do need to think about how much work you want to do on it. You can do an okay video yourself without hiring an expensive videographer.

In a previous post, I reminded us all that we have 4k cameras in our pockets. There’s definitely ways you can get that done. But you’re probably not a videographer. So if you try to do it yourself, it’s going to look like you tried to do it yourself.

The thing about expert videos is that it fills a content gap that is absolutely there, especially when you’re in the development stages of things. In the case of this person who asked the question, expert videos still would have been pretty valuable for them. Getting people talking to the different target audiences, scaling that connection really would have been a good call for them to make. However, they didn’t have a budget for both.

Find the Best Solution For You

Ultimately, I recommended going with high produced videos first. And they did this.

Maybe they’ll come to us when they get their next round of funding. But I’m guessing that they wouldn’t have gotten their next round of funding. We’re not for a highly produced video. So think about your business and the bandwidth that you need to take. It’s important to realize a 30-second explainer video will take you 12 hours to create and it still won’t look awesome.

It’ll look okay, but do you have that 12 hours? Do you want to spend 12 hours in 30 seconds? It feels like there’s not an ROI there. But what if you could spend 5 to 10 minutes talking about something that you could talk about all day, any day? Then when someone asks you a question, it’s a way better use of your time because you can repurpose that 5 to 10-minute video into a blog post, LinkedIn long-form post, Twitter thread, email, and even video snippets for social media and IGTV.

Heck, you could even get on TikTok, but I think you should do both. I think if you have the budget to do both, do both. If you only have the budget to do one, figure out what your goals are and decide from there. If you have any specific questions for me about creating expert videos for your company, book a call here. I’d love to chat with you.

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