Do Expert Videos Work For High-End Speakers and Audiences?

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It’s evident that expert videos can work for most businesses. But what if you’re a speaker? Our clients come to us when they realize that what they’ve been doing before – like networking dinners, hosting events or getting in front of live audiences – isn’t working anymore.

This is not just because everybody is at home more. It’s because the landscape of work is changing. In this post, I wanted to address a question I received the other day that I thought was really good. The person I was on the phone with asked,“Do expert videos work for high end clients and high-end audiences?”

Remember, expert videos are those 5 to 10-minute videos where you’re highlighting your expertise. It’s totally unscripted and I love this question because it goes to the core of what we’re trying to convey.

Who Expert Videos Are Best For

If you have a bigger budget, everything you can create can look studio polished, high-end and professional. However, if you are in the business of working with people which means providing a service or selling a product, you want to create expert videos. This is especially true for those high-end or high-ticket products and services.

My answer to that person was yes, absolutely. A high-end speaker and a high-end audience will absolutely connect with these expert videos. I really love where that question was going.

I understand that I’ve spent a lot of my time marketing to people who I didn’t think were ready to jump on the video content bandwagon. Maybe they weren’t. They didn’t think they had the right equipment. They didn’t know what they would talk about.

But to hear the hesitation and objection come from someone who was familiar with video and wanted to see if these expert videos would be high-end enough, makes me think that we’re onto something. As a result, a high-end audience will still connect with an expert video.

Why Expert Videos Help High-End Speakers and Gurus

As the high-end expert, perhaps you’re a person with lots of letters after your name, someone who’s published a bunch of books or spoke at fancy conferences. Maybe you’ve even given a TED talk. All of that stuff still means that creating expert videos where you’re talking one-on- one with somebody who is thinking about working with you, can provide connection that’s been lacking.

Maybe they think because you have all these accolades and you’ve gotten all these awards that you are out of their reach to work with. Even if they are your ideal customer, they might not think they are because of what they’ve seen. But that is the beauty of these expert videos we help you create.


  • Unedited (okay lightly edited)
  • Unpolished
  • Off the cuff
  • Shooting from the hip
  • Showing your expertise and what it’s like to work with you

Video Can Often Enhance Your Expertise and Personal Connection

Exert videos help your audience get into a one-way conversation where you are simply displaying what it would be like to work with you. It’s not the same thing as having your degrees on the wall.

Those are the social proof that gets somebody to click on a video in the first place. Then, what you’re doing is you’re answering a question that they might have. You get in front of them while they are thinking about that question. All of a sudden, they trust you and believe you.

They are connected to you in a way that they weren’t when all they were doing was looking at your polished website. Expert videos definitely work for the high-end, high-touch people because everybody in every business does business with other people no matter what you’re buying. Maybe not at the super low-end because if you’re buying a pair of socks, you’re buying a pair of socks, right? But at the mid-range and the high-end especially, people want to do business with people.

The best way to show what it’s like to do business with you, in a way that scales beautifully, is to simply hit record and answer questions one-on-one with somebody else. That is my answer to anyone who thinks that maybe expert videos won’t work for their target.

I would argue that again, unless you’re selling a commodity, expert videos will absolutely work and they will build your business in a way that feels relatively hands-off. If you want to head over to our contact page to book a call, I’d love to feature you and your questions on an upcoming video.

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