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Have you ever wondered which specific tools are used to make video marketing so effective? I’m so proud of what we’ve been able to create at AmplifiedNOW, a video content marketing agency for busy professionals.

In this article, I want to talk about tools. I’ve explained some of the tools and about lighting and audio and video in a previous post, but I want to talk about the different tools that we use at AmplifiedNOW. Even if you aren’t going to hire us, you are still going to need some robots to a certain extent. We’ll certainly help you to create your content and your whole content strategy in a fraction of the time that writing takes. But it also helps to know which video marketing tools we’re using and why they work.

A Quality Video Editing Program

We use Final Cut to edit your videos. Adobe Premiere is also a good option. I wouldn’t use iMovie because it’s not as high quality of video output and you’re going for quality. With Final Cut, I go in and trim out the beginning and the end and then edit out the “ums” and do-overs. These things are all-natural in a lot of videos – especially with beginners – but your video will look more professional when all your “ums” are edited out.

You’ll get to the point where you record your videos all in one take. However, light editing is your friend at the beginning.

A Quick, But Efficient Video Transcription Service

After the video editing process is complete, I export the video immediately to This is one of my favorite video marketing tools because it gets me about 95% of the way there in terms of transcription.

I pay $10 a month and I can have 6,000 minutes of transcribed audio and it happens really quickly. It’s also a good mental break because a lot of what happens in Final Cut is kind of complicated. Otter is my friend. This program does things like pulling out the phrases that you say over and over again to recommend keywords. If you don’t do keyword research ahead of time, this feature can be useful as well as for generating hashtags.

You can download a caption file (which I do) and then you can download a Word doc which turns into your first draft of your blog post.


We use this ring light:

Graphic Design Software

The next item on our list of video marketing tools is graphic design software. You need quality images in order to market videos that people will want to click on. Plus, we also use your videos to create blog posts and those need a feature image as well.

We use a company called Relay That which gives us branded images for every post in all the different sizes that we need. Again, this is all done in a fraction of the time it would take to create custom graphics one-by-one.

Project Management Tools

We use ClickUp because every video follows the exact same process and there are many hands involved in the editing and uploading process. We use LastPass to securely share passwords between our team and our clients.

When we’re recording calls, we use Skype plus Call Recorder which allows us to have very high-quality videos. We have a number of different options, but Skype is the one I really like. If we work with some clients who have an internet that is not optimal for cloud recording, we have them record their videos at home and export to Dropbox.

Dropbox can be an excellent place for homing videos because they give you a lot of space. Clients can access them, however they need to, we can zip files and compress them after a month has passed.

Video Marketing Tools That Make a Difference

Those are the things that we use over and over and over again to create our videos for ourselves and for our clients. I hope this was helpful as it’s important to understand what all goes into our service.

If you’re looking to start doing more video marketing in your business and like our process of repurposing video content, be sure to book a call here so we can discuss your needs and interests.

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