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As the CEO and co-founder of Amplified NOW, a video marketing agency that helps creators get their message out, we are passionate about effective content marketing. It may come as a surprise, but no one does this type of marketing quite as well as the diet industry – and there are some things we can learn from them.

Before and After

You only need to spend about ten seconds on the internet to find a weight loss ad with “before” and “after” pictures claiming to have the solution to all your dieting woes. 

In the before picture, you always see an average-looking person. In the after picture, you see someone who could be a fitness model.  The smiling person in the “after” photo seems to be living a better life than in the “before.”

The caption for these photos never details the process that helped achieve this metamorphosis. The content is completely focused on this amazing transformation.

When you look at these ads, it seems that the only thing standing between you and the body of a fitness model is your credit card information. 

Two Take-Aways From the Diet Industry

There are two things that the diet industry does well when it comes to this kind of marketing. 

The first is that the “before” pictures do match what people look like in real life. Almost everyone sees themselves in the “before” picture. When you can relate to the “before” person, it makes it easy to believe that you can look like the “after” photo. 

The second is that you seldom see a solution or process written out for achieving the transformation. The company isn’t telling you the specific diet or exercise plan that the person followed to get these amazing results. They aren’t telling you the sacrifices they made, the foods they didn’t eat, or the hours spent in the gym. Nobody wants to buy that. 

We want to buy the transformation, not the process.

How Does This Relate to Your Business?

Often in other industries, we want to walk our potential clients through our systems, methodologies, tools, and resources. 

It makes sense that we want to do this. We are proud of what we have created. We have seen how it works. We want to tell everyone the solution we have for their problem or the product that is going to change their life for the better. But, this isn’t what people want to buy into. 

What if, instead of the process, we focused on the transformation?

What if we show people what a “before” in our industry looks like? By doing this, we can help our prospective clients see themselves in the “before” so it is clear that they can benefit from what we have to share with them.

Then, instead of giving details about what we do and how we do it, we can show them what the “after” of working with us looks like.

We can help them see the progress our clients have experienced. We can demonstrate the gains they have made in their lives or businesses. We can help them envision how our product or service will make their life better. 

Let the transformation sell itself.

When you create and market your content in this way, you’ll get your point across better, get more subscribers, and be able to talk to others more authentically. You’ll be reaching those people who can benefit from the transformation you’re offering.

Amplified NOW Can Help

If you want to talk about strategies to help you find the “before and after” in your industry,  book a call with us. We’d love to help you define your transformation message and get your genius out into the world.

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