What Works in Video: How To Get More Comfortable On Video As A Woman

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Dianna O’Marra is a makeup mentor and the founder of Hello Easy Makeup. She loves to make makeup easy, help female entrepreneurs uncover their most confident selves, and build a makeup look that matches their brand. She sat down with Kathleen Celmins, the CEO of Amplified Now, to talk about how women can get more comfortable on video. 

Dianna helps women feel confident by giving them easy to recreate makeup looks that match their brand and help overcome their insecurities about being in front of an audience or on camera. 

At your consult with Dianna, she will find out about your brand, personal style, and how much time you like to spend on your makeup. Then, she puts together three looks that match what you want to convey and makes sure you are able to effortlessly recreate those looks anytime you are going to be in front of your audience. Being comfortable on video is key to connecting with your audience. 

Dianna has found that when women feel amazing about how they look on the outside it transforms their inner confidence and makes them want to do more inner work. 

Here are Dianna’s top tips for feeling more comfortable on video:

  • Have a clear vision of your brand before you decide on your look. Once you know your brand style, it will be easier for the rest to fall into place. 
  • Mesh your personal style with your brand. If you try to make your brand completely different from your personality you won’t come across as authentic and confident. 
  • Use makeup to support and elevate your brand. If your brand is calm, big bold makeup will conflict with the message you are trying to send. People see your face more than your logo, so make sure it is sending the right message.
  • Have a statement piece. Decide on a part of your look that you will always use. For Dianna, it’s her pink hair. For another person, it might be a red lip, teal eyeliner, or a pink halo eye. What you choose will depend on your brand, but you want it to be something that is unique enough that people associate it with you. 
  • Have different levels of your signature look. Dianna creates three levels of your look, from bare minimum to a full face of makeup. The key is that all of these looks include your statement piece and match your brand. Having these different levels provides you with flexibility based on your time or the type of content you are creating.

Learn more about Dianna at her website Hello Easy Makeup.

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How To Get More Comfortable on Video as a Woman

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