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Discover the next best step for your business in just 90 minutes.

<em>with</em> Kathleen Celmins and Emma Bates
with Kathleen Celmins and Emma Bates

Roll up your sleeves, and lay your cards on the table.

In just 90 minutes, we're going to help you brainstorm your next best step in business.

First... why an Offer Diagnostic?

  • Because you're doing great things, or you could be.

    Whatever service you're providing (or thinking of providing), you're good at what you do. Great, even.

  • Because you've gotten this far.

    You've created things. You've proven that you can make money with your skills. But you've hit a plateau.

  • Because you're too zoomed in to see your next move.

    You need an outsider's perspective on just what you should do with (gestures around) all this.

Book an Offer Diagnostic if...

  • 1.

    You're a solopreneur ready to amplify your income and impact.

  • 2.

    You're a service provider who is willing to add a new revenue stream.

  • 3.

    You're a digital course creator or an author wanting to turn what you've already created into even more revenue.

The Offer Diagnostic is a one-off session with two coaches who understand your business and can help you brainstorm your big-picture ideas and give you a roadmap to follow to turn those ideas into reality.

You have everything you need inside you to amplify your impact. You just need a little guidance. That's where we come in.

What people are saying

"You're not charging enough! This was worth at least twice what I paid, if not ten times more."


"This was EXACTLY what I needed. I was worried I'd get generic 'double your rates' advice, and this was anything but."


Here's how it works:

  • 1.

    Book your session

    with Kathleen Celmins and Emma Bates, CEO and COO of amplifiedNOW. We're two digital marketing experts with over 17 years of combined experience growing multiple brands to mid-six figures a year and higher. We'll provide you with a high-level strategy and a personalized roadmap to find your next revenue stream.

  • 2.

    During the session we dive deep into your offer and funnel.

    We will dive into your offer to find its weak points. We might help improve your copy or page design, landing page, sales page, or ads. We might even change the format of the offer itself! The content of this diagnostic is set by you.

  • 3.

    Three to five business days later, you get a complete personalized roadmap (as well as a three-month subscription to The Vault) delivered to you LIVE.

    After our strategy session, we put our heads together to see the best (easiest, most straightforward, most seamless) way for you to improve your offer.

    You'll get a personalized roadmap, with the relevant parts of The Vault linked. It's the step-by-step framework we follow internally when we work with clients on our bespoke packages, all laid out in an easy-to-consume manner. As such, this Offer Diagnostic comes with a quarterly subscription to The Vault (priced at $49/month. You can cancel at any time).

We always start with a comprehensive intake form. That way, we don't waste any time while we're live on the call. Instead, we can get right into making our time together be as impactful as possible.

Then, we brainstorm. Your business, and your needs, shape the conversation. We meet again at the end of the week to present your customized roadmap, a step-by-step process that makes growth attainable, not overwhelming.

Meet your facilitators

<em>with</em> Kathleen Celmins and Emma Bates

Kathleen Celmins + Emma Bates

It is a superpower to see the gaps in someone's business. Kathleen has that superpower. It's a completely different skillset (and no less super) to take a bunch of seemingly disconnected big ideas and turn them into recipes anyone can follow. Emma has that superpower.


We've been doing this for more than 17 years combined, and we have a long track record of helping other businesses scale and grow.

The diagnostic method


Extremely effective

Ideas and energy will come fast, bypassing any analysis paralysis that might come up.

Action oriented

The three of us will meet live and put our heads together to brainstorm your next great step. We'll record the session and take notes so all you have to do is participate.

Rapid turnaround

We bottle the energy generated on the call and make sure to give you a plan of action before other priorites get in your way.

Book your Offer Diagnostic

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. This is a live interactive call, custom tailored to your business. Please only book a time on your calendar where you are available.

Your Offer Diagnostic will be held on a Monday or a Tuesday for 90 minutes. Your personalized roadmap will be delivered to you on a separate call on Thursday or Friday of that same week. The second call is scheduled for 15 minutes.

The deliverable entirely depends on what you need in your business. You'll get a personalized roadmap plus three months of access to The Vault with your roadmap.

Shoot us an email: support@amplifiedNOW.com.

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