What Works in Video: Leveraging Video Beyond YouTube with Derek Olsen

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Have you ever thought of taking your expertise and creating a content library that is full of your own voice and knowledge? Have you wondered where to start and what the best format would be?  

Kathleen Celmins is the CEO and co-founder of AmplifiedNOW, an expert video content marketing agency. Derek Olsen works with his wife, Carrie. They run a business together focused on voiceover acting. They also help other voice actors increase their bookings, earn more money, and become more successful voice actors through their online video courses.

Both of these experts have found success in leveraging video to share their passions, build their businesses, and reach more people. The following are just some of the reasons why they believe that video is one of the best ways you can move your business forward.

Creating a video and putting it on YouTube will give your content a huge potential audience! YouTube is one of the top five search engines, so creating content that can be consumed on YouTube will extend your reach far beyond what just the written word can.

Using video for public marketing is a great way to build likeability and trust.
There are so many people who are creating content but with a video you are more likely to connect personally with people than if they are just reading a sales page. People want to purchase things from those that they trust. Hearing your voice and seeing your face builds that connection.

Videos are for more than marketing or courses.
Using video to answer questions or respond to emails makes it easier to explain your point of view, leaves less room for misinterpretation, is much more personal, and as a bonus, is usually quicker. You can be very economical with your time if you create a library of videos that answer your most frequently asked questions. That way you can quickly send individuals to a Frequently Asked Questions page and get them the answers they need. It also means you can answer the question with clarity and warmth, but not have to do it repeatedly.

Having a library of answers to frequently asked questions will help shorten your sales process. Your clients won’t have to go back and forth with you over email or phone to get answers to their questions. They will be able to view your videos and decide if it is right for them.

Creating videos will add value to a membership platform over time.
As you continue to make videos and add them to the membership site, a library builds so the amount of content that your members have access to just keeps getting better and better.

Tips for creating quality video content:

  • Don’t get stuck only creating content in the way you consume it. Just because you aren’t a big video watcher doesn’t mean that it isn’t a highly effective way to reach other people. Creating a video is a great way to clarify the purpose of your business, your sales pitch, or your creative desires – even if you never put the video into the world.
  • Repurpose your videos on multiple platforms. You can use your YouTube videos to create a blog post. Embed the video in a post and add some text to explain why they should view the video. Or you use your video on social media. Repurposing your video in different places will allow you to use the same content to reach different demographics of people.
  • Repurpose your videos over time. A YouTube video you did years ago can later be used to create a blog or social media post. Not everyone will see your work the first time you put it out so don’t be afraid to use it again if it is still relevant.
  • Use your free content in a paid course. Adding free content as a bonus module in a paid course can help ensure that you are reaching everyone that you want to, while also feeling like a value-add for your members.
  • If you are uncomfortable with a straight-to-camera video, try different things. You could do an interview, question and answer session, or a Facebook Live. Take the pressure off it being a performance-based video series and mix it up. Do it in the way you’re the most comfortable with.
  • Be genuine! If you’re passionate about something, record a video when you’re feeling fired up. Don’t feel like you must be perfectly polished or project a certain energy. Be true to yourself.

Find out more about Derek and Carrie at their website: Best That Could Happen

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