What Works in Video: How This Aerial Videographer is Helping More Golf Courses Get Booked

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David Stroud is the Director of Up Here Media Limited in Scotland. At 6’5” he knows a thing or two about seeing the world from great heights, but he recently took it to another level when he became a certified aerial cinematographer. 

He sat down with Kathleen Celmins, CEO and co-founder of Amplified Now, a full-service digital and content marketing agency, to discuss his passion for video and how he has used it in his career. 

Think Outside the Box

Before he began doing drone photography and video, David worked with more traditional methods of video and photography, along with marketing. Now he is enjoying taking his skills into the air.

When asked what businesses could benefit from drone video and photography, David said that many real estate, construction, or development companies use drones to capture images from a different point of view or to take surveys of the land. Councils and emergency services also use drones from a public safety standpoint. 

David’s primary work is using drones to take aerial footage of golf courses. Scotland is widely promoted as the “home of golf,” due to the many majestic golf clubs and courses it boasts.  Drone video allows him to show off these courses from a different view and market them in a new and exciting way.

While drones are becoming more common, high-quality aerial video isn’t something you see every day. It allows David to capture the unique features of the golf courses he is filming, whether they are on the coast, set in the mountains, or feature other beautiful, traditional Scottish scenery. Seeing these videos from a birds-eye view attracts people to the golf course in ways that traditional photography wouldn’t be able to. 

Know Your Audience

Not only does David need to have a good understanding of aerial videography, but he also needs to understand golf. Luckily as an avid golfer, this is right up his alley. He knows what people are looking for when they are choosing a golf course to play at and is able to deliver films that are both eye-catching and informative.

David likes to shoot ground-based video to cut into his aerial shots. This helps showcase the course from different angles and keeps the attention of the viewer. At the end of the day, David’s goal with every video is to make sure the person watching leaves wanting to play golf at that course as soon as possible. 

Have a Plan

David follows a similar process for every golf club he goes to. First, he has to do a pre-flight plan and risk assessment. Once that is completed, David likes to scope out the course to find out what needs shooting and how best to shoot it. He talks with the people who work there to find out what they think makes their course special and unique. The longer he spends on the planning process, the quicker and easier it is to shoot and edit the resulting video. The length of his videos varies, depending on how much of the course he is shooting and what the goal of the video is. 

David then edits the video so that it can be re-purposed in multiple ways. A good promo video for a website would typically be about two to three minutes. It’s also possible that the client will want a longer video of all 18 holes or showcasing the perks of being a member of their club.
David then makes shorter cuts of around 60 seconds each that can be re-purposed on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or wherever they want to share. 

Regardless of what the final product ends up being, David believes that video, when properly planned out, can be really powerful. It can lead people to places they might not have found otherwise and give a perspective that would be missing in just a written description.

While drone video may not be the right fit for most businesses, video can help you show your audience what you have to offer. Video creates connections in a unique way that builds trust. As an added bonus, there are so many ways to re-purpose your videos so they can be used over and over again, saving you time and spreading your message to more people.

Learn more about David and his awesome work at Up Here Media Limited.

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