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Today I want to share with you a simple idea. Create once and sell twice. What do I mean by that? I am surrounded in my online world by a sea of creators, people who are the smartest, most capable creators that I know who are coming up with all kinds of really interesting ideas that solve problems for people.

Because they’re creating their products and their courses, they’re creating something new that didn’t exist before. They also feel like they have to do that with their content as well. The whole idea around what I offer with AmplifiedNOW is if you can create it once, we will take it and have that gem, soundbite, or video clip sell for you. Not only will it sell twice or four times, but for six months. Here’s how it works.

How to Create Once and Sell Twice (And Beyond)

We will connect you to all the different social media platforms that you’re interested in. We’ll never tell you to get on a social media platform simply because it’s there, we stick to the ones that will work for your business. Then, we’ll take your amazing insights from your videos and turn them into short-form social media content.

All the great ideas will come from you, but we’ll package everything nicely and repurpose your content so it will sell over time. So when you sit down for 6-minutes and talk to me, you’re not just creating something that only exists in one place, or for one amount of time. Expert videos are around this length – maybe 10 minutes max – and are packed with value for your audience.

When your videos are done, your work is done and we take it from there. If you let our team schedule out your social media for you, you may very well come across a cool quote on your Instagram later down the line and realize it was from something you said in one of your videos you recorded with us weeks or even months ago.

Come Up With Content Once and Use It Multiple Times

The whole idea of being able to create once and sell twice is that you don’t have to come up with something amazing and original every single time you sit down to create a blog post. You’ve already have done all of this back work. Just check what you’ve done in the past and allow yourself the freedom of actually just using what you’ve created after a previous brainstorming session.

We’re all about repurposing here at AmplifiedNOW. If you’re not, then you’re just letting all that stuff sit there. Even if you spoke in front of 1,000 people at a conference that still leaves about 5 billion people that didn’t see it. More than that, but not everybody is your audience, right?

My point is if you’re going to spend all that time and energy being brilliant on stage or being brilliant in a conference or presenting to your team on something: use that. Let us repurpose it, cut it up into sound bites, find the gems, and use it for your social media strategy.

Let Us Amplify Your Voice and Expertise

Social media is just going to help you elevate yourself and your status. I don’t mean like putting you in front of like a Lamborghini or something on a green screen. But I mean, showing up as the expert and authority that you and I both know you are.

So let us help you. Let me help you repurpose the content you’re already putting out and turn it into something excellent that people can use for longer than it takes for you to hit record. You’re a genius. Let the world know. Would you like to explore how you can create once and sell twice? Click here to book a discovery call with me so we can discuss your content needs.

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