How to Create and Fill an Editorial Calendar

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When I worked in inbound marketing, we lived and died by the editorial calendar. The editorial calendar then was simply a Google Doc that was color-coded.

It had all the different topics we were going to discuss mapped out for when they were going to be published. This also helped us keep track of what stage of publishing they were in. Needless to say, I lived and died by the content calendars in my agency job. That was a long time ago and things have progressed since then.

However, I still think an editorial calendar is a really good idea for you to start holding yourself accountable for creating content every week.

The Editorial Process Has Changed So Much in Recent Years

Back in the days of inbound marketing, we were publishing three blog posts per week on client blogs. And they were bad. How to win the content game in 2013 was to publish as many things around your keywords as possible. You had to publish more than your competitors.

Thank goodness that’s not the game anymore because you don’t see bad content on page 1 of Google. The downside is that you can’t get away with just hitting publish on a blog post and expect any search engine to pay attention. This is good news from a consumer’s standpoint, but it’s bad news as a marketer because it’s now harder to get people to see your content.

The exception is that videos can be as easy as my inbound marketing blog posts strategy of 2013.

Why Using Video to Maintain Your Editorial Calendar is Wise

Videos are likely more efficient when it comes to reaching your audience as well. You can easily repurpose video content in a way that you can’t repurpose a poorly written blog post.

At AmplifiedNow, we help clients create and maintain an editorial calendar through simple video marketing. It starts with a content strategy session which we have as a standalone service. Then we offer several content marketing packages to serve your needs.

Together, we map out 6 months of topics so you don’t have to worry about your editorial calendar or content marketing. If you are a product-based business, you really need to look at the calendar a lot more than if you’re a service-based business. This is because you’ll likely have seasonal opportunities to hike up sales.

When you’re writing an editorial calendar, you’re setting yourself up for accountability, a publishing schedule, and a digital library of content around your expertise.

You’ll get a title and meta description for every blog post and we’ll also talk about which calls to action we’re going to use. Ultimately, what we provide you with is a robust plan for your content marketing in addition to a highly optimized editorial calendar to keep everything on track.

How to Develop a Full Editorial Calendar in Less Time

If you want to do something by yourself, follow the same process. Find out what you’re going to talk about, figure out the overarching goals of each of your videos, and then put them on the calendar. You’ll find that once you do that, then your expectation may be to record one video.

I personally like to record a whole bunch of videos at once because I have days where I am interested in creating video content and days where I’m not. So days where I’m not, it’s very hard for me to create a good video, but on days where I can, I like to knock it out. I can create 10 videos in a day and you can get there too.

This will make setting up your editorial calendar so much easier since it can be based on the video content you’re producing.

You can decide to publish a new blog post on Wednesdays and record the video a week in advance. You can take the gems from your blog post and videos to reshare on social media. Of course, if you’re not interested in doing all this on your own you can hire AmplifiedNOW to take care of it for you.

When I provide clients with their editorial calendar, they can export it to their own calendar and use it however they’d like. We’ll sit together and record a ton of videos at once. Then my team and I will take it from there. One post a week is enough to have a very robust content marketing plan, and social media marketing plan. If you want to work with us and get help developing your full editorial calendar, I’d love to have you book a call so we can chat.

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