Struggling to keep up with content?

You know it's important to put out more content. But week after week, you struggle to publish something new. You feel like you're always behind. Well, not anymore. 

Introducing the Megaphone Method for Content Creation

  • Connection that scales

  • The one-to-many method

  • The shortcut to creating content that converts

  • Creating an editorial calendar you can stick to

The Megaphone Method

Say it once. Let it sell for you 27 times.

(Even if you don't know what to say.)

The Megaphone Method

Here at AmplifiedNOW, we're all about creating a piece of content once, then having it work for us for six months.

And we want to share that system with you. So that you can create a content marketing system that will work for you, in the background, while you get on with your zone of genius.

Your host: Kathleen Celmins

I'm the CEO and co-founder of AmplifiedNOW, a video first content marketing agency. 

The Megaphone Method is what we follow with our one-on-one clients to amplify their message, position, and brand to the level they know they can reach. 

I'd love to show you behind the scenes of this process.

I hope you'll join me.

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