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Kathleen Celmins is the CEO and co-founder of Amplified NOW, a video-first content marketing agency. She sat down with Doug Campbell, a communications coach, to learn how he’s doing marketing differently.

Doug is the owner of Doug Campbell Communications, where he does communication coaching and speaking. This means he helps people with everything from becoming a better public speaker to social skills. 

A Learned Skill

Doug was motivated to learn these skills because it wasn’t something at which he naturally excelled. So he began studying these areas after high school with the goal to master the use of them in his life. 

Before he knew it, he was helping other people, which eventually led to him starting his business.

Doug believes that good communication isn’t a character trait that you’re either born with or not, but that it can be learned! He works with all ages and types of people, from teens to professionals. 

Doug offers one-on-one coaching for people who have a specific need to improve their communication skills.

For example, maybe they are stressed about a big presentation coming up or are starting a new job where they have to talk to strangers on the phone. 

Regardless of the particular situation, Doug loves to help people change their stories and improve their skills.

Doug speaks at events where he teaches about communication and social skills for different situations. He tailors his presentations for different industries, company needs, or demographics.

He also does consulting work with organizations that are less successful than they could be because of a communication breakdown or weakness. His clients get help improving their systems and processes to help improve their efficiency and production.

A Marketing Pivot

When Doug started his business in 2018, his intention was to be strictly local. So his primary strategy was to start going to networking events and connect with the business community. 

Things were going really well, and he was making many successful in-person connections until the Coronavirus Pandemic hit in 2020. Then, the momentum he had gained at the beginning of the year came to a halt. 

He had to pivot and figure out how to use Zoom. Before this time, he has never spoken virtually before – not even to family or friends. He spent hours figuring it out for himself, and then after lots of time and practice, he has even added virtual communication as a competent of his business.

Doug feels that Zoom is here to stay, so we might as well learn the best skills and tactics to use it. He believes that if you can get comfortable on a Zoom call and if people can work with you, it can do nothing but good for a lot of careers. 

The Power of Virtual Communication

Whether you live on the opposite coast from someone or in a whole different country, virtual communication opens up the entire world to you if you have both the technical and communication skills to use it right.

Now that he has this new skill, his reach is unlimited. If there are people who need his services, he now has the ability to help them, no matter where they are.

To make the transition to this new way of teaching and speaking, Doug began participating in Zoom networking events. Some of the people he has previously done in-person events with started doing them on Zoom, and he also got involved in some international events. 

The Importance of Connection

His strategy remained the same, but his tactics changed to a virtual approach. For Doug, connection always needs to come before the pitch. 

Doug uses social media as a way to introduce himself to people and form a genuine relationship before he starts to try to sell his services. While he does participate in some paid advertising, his main focus is using his energy to make an impact where he feels most passionate.

While Doug believes that paid ads have their place, for many clients he works with, interpersonal communication and the ability to talk to strangers is what really works to grow their businesses.

Doug works with many real estate agents, and when they focus solely on ads without doing anything to connect with potential clients, there is a huge gap in the people they are reaching, causing them to leave money on the table.

Learn More!

Regardless of the method you use, Doug believes that having solid communication skills and the tools to connect with people – whether online or in-person – opens up opportunities for you both in your personal and professional life.

If you need help becoming a more confident communicator, you can find Doug on his website or LinkedIn.

Doing Marketing Differently

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Make more money by becoming a more confident speaker
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