Do You Need to Change Your Clothes When Creating Several Videos at Once?

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Choosing what to wear when making a video may seem like an afterthought. However, you may be worried that people will start to notice outfit repeats – especially if you create several videos at once.

I recently received a really good question from someone who asked if she should change outfits when recording videos in batches. As you know, we like to help our clients create a bunch of videos at once. We help them get comfortable on camera and know that it’s more time effective to get as many ideas out during one sitting in order to repurpose amazing content later.

However, when this person asked me about whether she should change outfits when recording several videos at once, I thought it was an interesting question. I figured a lot of people may wonder the same thing so here is my response regarding this in detail.

Should You Change Outfits When Recording Videos in Batches?

Batch-recording videos can save you a lot of time, but if you’re wondering whether you should change outfits each time you hit record, I challenge you to think of it this way.

What was one of your friends wearing when you saw them last in person? What outfit did your coworker wear yesterday on a Zoom call? If you can answer those questions or if you’re a stylist, for example, then you’re probably one of the few.

It’s important to realize that no one is looking at what you’re wearing. The only way people are going to care what you wear is if you are not wearing anything. Or, they may care if you are wearing something so flashy that the audience can’t look away

But if you’re wearing something that represents who you are and you look professional, then people will just notice that it’s you again. No one ever going wonder if you only have 6 outfits so having to change outfits when recording videos in batches may be more work than it’s worth.

Also, keep in mind that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with recording your videos in batches or even people knowing that you did. If your information is amazing, the last thing on most people’s mind will be what you’re wearing.

Don’t Let the Little Things Hold You Back From Getting Started With Video

I would say that the question about outfits is one that can lead to hesitation or maybe even an excuse not to get started. It doesn’t have to be. It could be an excuse not to do six videos at a time, but don’t let it stop you from recording videos in the first place.

You have clothes, shirts, and things you can wear. It is important to look the way you want to present yourself on camera. You may not want to wear the exact outfit you’re wearing on your headshots that are all over your site, but you want to make your outfit coincides with your brand so people take you seriously.

So if you have a branded photo, make sure you represent yourself as that brand and you’ll be fine. People often only notice things if they’re bad or out of place.

Dress Casual and Let Your Expertise Outshine Your Clothes

Dress like you did for your branded photos or like you will for your next branded photos. Make sure you look like your pictures. Then just talk about the things that you’re an expert in.

Honestly, people won’t notice anything else. So if you are thinking maybe you need to have 6 outfits when you batch your content there’s really no need for that.

If this is something that is keeping you from creating more videos, don’t let it be that barrier. Head over to our workshops page to check out our workshop schedule.

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