Why More Businesses Are Leaning Into Video Now Than Ever Before

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Have you noticed that more people are leaning into video now than they ever were before? You might think maybe those statistics demonstrating this are skewed since most of us are at home more now.

Sure, due to the pandemic more people are watching YouTube and getting to the end of their Netflix queue. This is just one of the many reasons why more people are tuning into videos online and companies are taking notice.

More companies are leaning into video in a more intense way than they ever were before.

The Moment I Noticed More Companies Were Leaning Into Video

I remember something happening a long time ago in internet years (so this isn’t probably that long ago). But I was asked to submit a video for something and I had no idea how to do it.

I spent the entire day doing it. I couldn’t even figure out how to upload it. So I sent it off thinking I’d done the video wrong. Since I never heard back from the people who wanted me to create the video, I’m almost sure I had gotten it all wrong.

On the bright side, I am happy to say that there’s no evidence of that video anywhere. However, now I understand why so many companies are getting more into video. There are companies that have these platforms where you can send video messages and those really connect. People reply and they say: “Wow, you sent me a video message. That is so cool!”

My sister told me about these types of videos in particular. She does outreach when she’s working in her sales team. Overall there are just so many ways companies are leaning into video. Everything from explainer videos and whiteboard videos to expert videos and more are all viable options now for companies.

Now you probably can’t go a day without seeing someone’s video. Frankly, there are two clear reasons why companies are leaning into video at such a fast rate.

Video is Easy

First off, video is easier than it ever was before. When I was growing up, my neighbors had one of those giant camcorders that had a whole VHS cassette tape you set into it. It probably weighed as much as a small child. We had it on our shoulders and we tried to do cool things with it. It’s a nice childhood memory, but I’m so thankful we don’t need anything like this now to create videos.

If you’re old enough, I’m sure you saw professional videographers on TV or recording live events. If you ever clicked on ‘special features’ from the menu when watching a DVD, you were taken to the behind-the-scenes bonus videos where it looked so complicated to record and present that professional film or movie you just watched.

Being able to create videos is not such a polarizing concept anymore. Yes, there are different levels in terms of quality, but more people have access to smaller and simpler tools that can help them record videos from anywhere. Plus, the videos you’ll do for your business that gain a lot of traction are not that involved at all. That makes a huge difference.

Video Connects

Not only is video easier to do these days, but it also connects. You can connect with your audience in a way that was not possible a few years ago. I’m thankful to the internet for giving us this opportunity.

It helps you create content and get out of your own way. Every single time you record a video, you have 5 or 6 gems/quotes that can go on an Instagram background with some fancy text and get a lot of eyeballs on it.

So you’re building your expertise, your authority, and truly connecting with people from all over. Your videos don’t ever have to be highly produced. All you ever have to do is be yourself and connect with your audience and answer questions that they have.

That’s it. So if you are not leaning into video as an entrepreneur or your company isn’t making videos, I want to know why. Can you book a call with me and tell me why you’re not doing video? Are you hesitant? Is there something holding you back or any reasons why video doesn’t work for you?

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