Why Video Content is the Best Way to Build Trust

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Did you know that according to a recent survey, 93% of people who are using video in their marketing in some way got a new lead or customer? Are you getting enough leads in your business? I bet that the answer is no.

This is the entire reason why we created our video content marketing service, AmplifiedNOW. We know video content is very challenging to create. We also know that another obstacle you may face is figuring out how to build trust with video content.

Making Videos Doesn’t Have to Be a Painful Process

Creating videos from scratch can seem like you have to learn a whole new job. You have to know how to film the videos, think of what to say, make sure lighting is good, etc. Plus, you’ll probably spend several hours editing videos in the beginning stages. Odds are, you don’t have time for that and there’s no ROI in you spending 8 hours of your time editing and futzing with a video.

You are much better using your time to service clients to have discovery calls, help existing clients, and do your thing as best as possible. I do content strategy and video creation better than you can.

I will pull your methods of genius, areas of expertise, and your talking points together so you are standing in your authority about the thing that differentiates you from everybody else who’s doing what you’re doing. I’ll help you create a video with talking points and a call to action at the end that can be live on YouTube.

But that’s not where it has to stop. In fact, it shouldn’t stop there especially if you want to build trust with video content and get leads. Once it’s on YouTube, that’s good, right? It’s a good start. But one of the things that your website will always need are people who land there, maybe from a search, and a good way to get those people there.

Build Trust With Video Content and Turn It Into Leads and Conversions

Well, you don’t create the audience that somehow comes to your website for answers, trust me. They already exist out there, but they’re typing something in and they are asking a question that maybe you can answer. Once you’ve done that on your video, what my team and I will do is transcribe that and turn it into a blog post. Not everyone consumes video.

Some people like to read to find the talking points that they are trying to answer. So if they’ve got a question and they land on just a video, they might bounce because they can’t find where the question is being answered in the video. If your video is like 8 minutes long, they’re not going to sit there and wait for it. But video is endlessly repurposable.

Remember, Video Can Always Be Repurposed

You know as well as anyone that you only need to have a few different talking points to build an entire business around. This makes it easy to build trust with video content much better than any other method. However, what you need to do is create that content and then push it out on different social media channels to provide the content people need at the moment that they need it.

If you are a financial advisor, for example, people aren’t going to be needing your tax advice unless it’s right around the tax deadline. Or if you are a coach or a consultant, people are not necessarily ready for your advice until they are. That’s what this whole thing is. It’s completely comprehensive.

How it works is you and I book a block of time – say 60-90 minutes max.We will sit down and we talk through strategy. Then we’ll record as many videos as we possibly can. After that, you’re done.

I take it from there. I will take out some of your “I don’t knows” and “ums” to make you look polished and professional. Keep in mind, we’re not interested in turning this into some cinematic release or anything like that. What we are trying to do is show you off as the authority and the person who someone wants to trust.

Yes, Emails Can Help Build Trust But Videos Are Better

You can build trust with video content much better than with simple emails. But if you use video as the kernel of all of your content, how could it not sound like you, right? A lot of times when you’re outsourcing content, you end up with something that could have probably been anywhere. But if it starts out in your voice, you’ll use the same turns of phrase that only you use. Hence why it will all sound like you since it’s all coming from you.

We don’t script our videos, because if we did that, they would sound wooden. You would kind of be looking somewhere over here, wherever the teleprompter ended up, right? But with these videos and the way that we’re doing them, you are making a direct connection with the other person on the other end of the screen. It’s authentic and builds trust.

So someone watching your video will start where they are, learn more about you, they click through to book a call, and all of a sudden, you have a lot more leads. I would love to help you develop your video content strategy. Just click here if you’re like to book a call and discuss our service in more detail.

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