How to Build a Content Plan and Video Strategy That Brings in Leads
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How to Create a Video Strategy That Brings in Leads

At AmplifiedNOW, we focus on everything from traditional digital marketing to sales pages, landing pages, emails, and content marketing. Content marketing is something I receive a lot of questions about, so I wanted to talk about how to build a content plan that brings you leads.

I’ll emphasize that last part – brings you leads – because you can build a content plan around anything, but one that brings you leads is the one that you focus on. Luckily, creating a content plan that gives you leads and gets people to download something is a simple process. Here are some key steps to take.

Start With a Lead-Generating Opt-In

Your lead-generating opt-in could be an on-demand webinar, quiz (here’s one we made for our client), e-book, or checklist that you can promote at the end of your blog post. If you don’t do this, your blog post just kind of spills everywhere. Instead, you want to provide a clear place to send people after they check out your content.

When you’re creating videos that can be turned into blog posts, you can mention your opt-in and call to action during the video as well. It’s also important to make sure you’re sending people somewhere that makes sense.

The first step to generating leads is to give people something that they want in exchange for their email address. So on our site, we have The Ultimate Guide to Content That Converts and this is sprinkled throughout the website on different pages and below blog posts.

It’s really easy to set something like this up and we can help you if you need a little bit of technical advice. Just remember that you need to send people somewhere. Your video calls to action can be different than your blog calls to action because in a video, I’m not going to tell you to go watch a webinar or something- you just watched me for five minutes. You don’t need to watch another thing.

Come Up With Conversation-Oriented Content

Coming up with conversation-oriented content is something we only do for our paid clients. Together we have a 45-minute strategy session and brainstorm a bunch of different ideas on how to come up with content that if done right, will lead to people downloading your opt-in and booking a call. Just know that a strategy session is not expensive and you come away with all kinds of ideas to help you build a content plan.

We structure it in a way that makes sense. When we go through it together, people are filled with aha moments because coming up with a content strategy can seem challenging at first.

I remember a client asking me once: “Why would I come up with content if someone can just Google that?” To me, that question displayed such a lack of understanding of what coming up with content does.

So yes, you can think about Google and what people are searching for. But you can also think about the conversations you have with people and the questions that they’re asking. If you’re brand new, you think about the questions you wish they were asking. So we go through that and we can do it together in a way that’s streamlined. Or you can always do this process on your own.

Build a Content Plan Based on Topics That Will Bring You More Leads

The main goal is that when every single idea is a good idea in a brainstorm we’ll take it to the next level by determining which topics will bring you more leads.

The trick, if you don’t want to do a full strategy session is to think about the topics that you would want to talk about that are not how-to’s. Instead, discuss what and why topics. These are the ones that people will connect with you on.

Realize that short how-to videos may make the concept seem too simplified. It’s okay that it’s simple to you since you’re the expert. But if you can explain it in 5 minutes, people aren’t going to pay you for it. Often, it’s the how that’s behind the paywall. So make sure that you’re funneling people to the right place. Make sure you have a way to end your blog posts in a way that will encourage some people to click an opt-in.

Finally, be sure to talk about things that are leading people down the line. That way, there’s content that people can connect with any level of their buyer’s journey. I hope that was helpful.

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Giveaway (Instagram Post)

Enter the MINDSTORMS Playbook Giveaway!

One winner will receive:

A copy of MINDSTORMS: 25 Exercises to Discover Your Inner Entrepreneur ($20 value)

Kathleen's favorite notebook ($10 value)

A very nice pen ($20 value)

And, a LIFETIME subscription to the MINDSTORMS Playbooks! ($399 value)

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