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A recent series of events led me to realize that the best camcorder for expert videos may be something that you already have. Let me set the stage for you. I am working with this client who had no mic and had an older computer. So the camera had a very low, very fuzzy quality.

We knew that this video we were creating would end up on a big screen. It was going to be something that was shared across platforms. So it wasn’t just something that people would see on a small enough device that the pixilation could be forgiven. What we did, and what we should have done, were two different things.

We ended up finding a webcam that was easy to use and plugged into the person’s computer to create a higher quality video. The video was crisp and clear. They ended up sounding great and looking great.

Then, I had a thought after they’d invested in a webcam. I had the idea that maybe the best camera available to you right now isn’t on your computer – maybe it’s on your phone.

The Best Camcorder For Expert Videos is More Accessible Thank You Think

If you think about how often you upgrade your things, you’ve probably upgraded your phone quite a few times. Maybe you’ve even upgraded it more than your computer or anything else.

Because the phones are smaller, you have no chance of dropping your iMac or your big desktop computer and cracking the screen. With a smartphone, you run this risk. There’s only so much you can put up with when your phone has a cracked screen. So you upgrade it over time. I don’t have the newest phone, but my phone is newer than my computer.

I looked on one side of my phone and saw the quality is 4k. Zoom almost always records your webcam at 360p which is very fuzzy. It’s very, very low quality. The next step up is 720. The camera that I use is 1080p. My phone is a step above my camcorder so it’s essentially the best camcorder for expert videos even though it’s technically a phone. So with a phone and a ring light, which is a device that sits around your phone, you can set it up so that you’re recording high-quality videos.

It’s easier and could also be much cheaper than investing a ton of money into camera equipment. You could have the best quality videos possible.

The Goal Isn’t Perfect Videos

I’m glad I had this realization early on because this client of mine will be recording many more videos in the future. They will have other people in the organization leading video topics. Again, all these people have decent smartphones. So what we’ll probably do is utilize that to our advantage. It won’t cost much or require a special camcorder to continue recording professional and clear videos for this client.

We’re not looking for studio perfection in these expert videos. Nor are we looking for cinematography. However, we are looking for quality that is good enough that people don’t even think about the quality. When you have bad audio, you can tell. When you have bad video, it’s very easy to tell. But when they’re good, it’s kind of irrelevant. Instead, people focus on the key message. They focus on the person speaking and that’s what we want.

So, don’t overcomplicate things. I tend to do that very frequently. I didn’t know I had a 4k camera in my purse at all times so this is just a friendly reminder that you don’t need a fancy camcorder or webcam.

If you want to do this video content creation and repurposing service, you likely already have everything you need. Maybe you just need to invest in a $25 ring light. I have a resources page that talks about all the tools that I use in my studio. Click here to book a call if you want to work with us!

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