Mistakes to Avoid When Getting Started with Expert Videos

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There are many common mistakes people make when they get started with video. Let’s say you’ve watched a couple of my videos or other videos and have decided to go all-in with video. Yay, good first step!

Now, how do you avoid some beginner video mistakes? I’m not saying this from a place of condescension, because I can tell you when I started my YouTube channel, I did absolutely everything wrong. This includes setting my country to Azerbaijan.

I totally get how much of a process it can be, but I just want you to help yourself, get started and get out of your own way. Once you start doing these videos, you will see:

  • How fun they are
  • How fast your content can be created
  • How endlessly reusable the content that you make on a video is

Mistake #1: Using Your Phone in Portrait Mode

This is something that I see a lot of people do. Those ring lights that you can get for very little money have a way to set yourself up so that you’re looking at your selfie camera. That’s okay, for one platform. But what we’re trying to do is help you work smarter, not harder so it’s best to avoid beginner video mistakes like these.

So if you’re going to use your phone, which I think is a really good plan for most people, then it’s a really good first step. In fact, my phone is 4k and my camcorder is only 1080p. I don’t think there’s enough of a difference between 1080p and 4k.

So unless you are planning on putting your videos on a billboard, I would say 1080p is as high of quality as possible. If you use your phone, which I think you should turn it to the side, also get yourself a mic. We have one that we recommend on our video tools recommendations page. On this page, you’ll see the whole setup that we use for people who use their phones including a camcorder set-up, my studio set-up, and even a mobile set-up.

I think the mobile setup is the best one not only because it’s the cheapest, but it’s also very good. The bottom line with this mistake is to avoid is having alleys because when you think about creating videos. You want to think about the reusability of them, maybe not at first because you’re just getting your feet wet.

Mistake #2: Dress Down

One of the most common beginner video mistakes I see is when people dress down too much for their expert video. Remember, you’re dressing for a part. These videos are kind of an audition to get people to decide to work with you.

When that happens, there’s not going to be a disconnect between your professional photos and what you look like on camera to how you act on video calls or in some future in-person communication. Make sure that there’s no jarring disconnect. I see that a lot.

I do understand wanting to look like a regular person and just showing up how you show up. That’s okay on video calls. It’s not okay on videos that you’re creating for future use. Thinking about a video as something that will live for about 6 months, may encourage you to put on a nicer shirt and dress a little more professionally but not overdo it.

Mistake #3: Not Having Good Enough Lighting

You need a lot more light than you probably think. I kept buying one more light and one more light until I had 4 lights and an overhead light, and now the shadows are more manageable. There are still shadows in my background, but I can assure you that it is a very warm environment.

This is so much better than it was when I didn’t have all these lights on me. Remembering that the professionals use so many lights and having an open window might not be enough. In fact, if the sun’s coming in a certain way, you could have a half complete shadow in your video.

It just takes a little bit of finagling. You may need to buy lights, or swap out the the soft lights in the room that you’re recording in order to get the light right.

One of the Biggest Beginner Video Mistakes

One of the biggest beginner video mistakes I see people make is simply not getting started. The best way to get better at video is to create a ton of videos. I’m past the midpoint of my 100 video challenge that I have given myself. A few months ago, I decided to record 100 videos for AmplifiedNOW in quarter 4.

Why? One, to prove to myself that I can do 100 videos. The other reason is to get better at videos. I am already better at video than I was 20 videos ago and certainly better than I was a year ago.

The other main reason to create all these is to test out our processes and our standard operating procedures. We have a big team of people that handle our videos, and they have learned on mine, and they’re doing a great job. Now, there’s no anxiety when we build more clients into our workflow.

So my biggest takeaway is to get your video studio and/or set up together so it doesn’t hold you back. Make sure you have good lighting and get started even if everything is not perfect. You will only learn more over time. If you want help mapping out a content strategy for your videos I have a content strategy package where it’s just the strategy part. So we determine your video titles, main points, and calls to action. I’d love to help you out with that. It’s $750 and an easy way to get started. Click here to book a free call with me! Thanks so much!

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