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Join the membership where you get monthly step-by-step playbooks that will help you create new revenue streams without hustling more or losing sleep. You can do this.
It all starts with strategy.

We're building a NEW PLAYBOOK EACH MONTH on the proven methods we've seen grow our business and the businesses of the hundreds of clients we've helped in our time.

Every month, we'll release one new playbook that will take you from "hey that's a pretty good idea" to "whoa, that was easy to implement!" in no time flat.

The main thing we see keeping idea-based businessess from growth ISN'T what you think.

It's not a lack of IDEAS. Heck, you could probably find ten new ideas without opening one more tab in your browser...

It's not a lack of KNOWLEDGE. You didn't get this far by being a dumb dumb...

It's not even a lack of UNLIMITED MONEY. Although, let's be honest, that wouldn't hurt...

What's keeping most people from scaling their businesses is a lack of an IMPLEMENTATION PLAN.

Ideas AREN'T enough. In fact, to paraphrase Stephen King, ideas are cheap. Implementing those ideas is where the rubber meets the road.

But what if, for every good idea out there, you had the step-by-step processes it took, including tech and swipe files, to take you from start to finish?

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The amplifiedNOW Membership

Sign up and get the tools to 10X your investment by the time you've implemented your first playbook.

amplifiedNOW Membership Includes:

  • MONTHLY Playbooks

    Get step-by-step processes that you can follow to add revenue streams, increase your authority, and scale your business.

  • EXCLUSIVE Interviews

    Learn from experts each month through interviews about that month's Playbook topic.

  • PRIVATE Community

    We're the sum of the people we surround ourselves with, so surround yourself with others who are scaling with you. 

  • MONTHLY Coaching Sessions

    We'll meet monthly to answer questions and work together to implement what we're learning.

  • EVERY Course

    Copy Blocks, Content Blocks, Email Blocks, Webinar Blocks, and more.

  • EVERY Template

    Plug-and-play templates to fast track the creation process.

  • EVERY Swipe file

    Never deal with "blank page syndrome" again.

What would you do with MORE FREEDOM?

With swipe files, templates, and playbooks that will bring your business the freedom you deserve.

Imagine the feeling of creating a business that DOESN'T depend on one solitary source of income.

Imagine how it would feel if:

  • One client WASN'T responsible for 90% of your income

  • Your business were NIMBLE enough to withstand any algorithm change

  • You knew not just WHAT to do next, but EXACTLY how to get it done


What is a PLAYBOOK? And how the HECK will it help me?

A PLAYBOOK is a step-by-step guide to implementing an idea. Each month we'll give you an idea and an entire playbook with directions on how to set it up in your business.

Each playbook comes with all the templates, swipe files, and advice you need to make it work. You won't need to start from scratch ever again.

You can create MULTIPLE revenue streams using the specific combination of strategy and systems that our clients have come to expect from us.

Upcoming playbooks:

  • Amplifying Digital Product Revenue: Group Coaching for Course Creators
  • Amplifying Your Content: Easy Ways to Create and Re-Use Content
  • Amplifying Your List: Creating an Opt-In They Can't Refuse
  • Amplifying Your Income: The Secret to High-Ticket Offers

This is for you if:

  • You have a digital business

  • You don't have time to figure out what you should focus on next, but you'd like to focus MORE

  • You want to future proof your business

Doing Marketing Differently - small

Don't GET DISTRACTED by shiny objects. They're obstructions to your growth.

Marketing yourself DOESN'T have to be a hassle.


If that statement is hard to believe, you're in the right place.

The amplifiedNOW Membership is your place to put on blinders to shiny objects and focus on one proven thing, per month, that we've used with our clients or in our own business.


$399 one-time payment

  • Instant access to all existing playbooks
  • Lifetime access to all future monthly playbooks
  • Access to every digital product we've ever made
  • Access to our community
  • Discounts on in-person retreats


$299 / year

  • Instant access to all existing playbooks
  • Access to a new monthly playbook for 12 months
  • Access to every digital product we've ever made
  • Access to our community
  • Discounts on in-person retreats
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