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Kathleen Celmins is the CEO and co-founder of Amplified NOW, a video-first content marketing agency that helps experts and entrepreneurs get out of their own way with content marketing. She sat down with Miranda Marquit, one of the creators of The Freelance Writer Academy, to talk about how they are doing marketing differently.

Becoming A Freelance Writer 

After completing journalism school, Miranda began freelancing online. She started in science writing but soon transitioned into writing about money which became her main focus for the last 15 years. 

As a six-figure freelance writer, she has written for many online outlets, including Forbes, USA Today, and The Huffington Post, created educational video scripts, and hosted finance podcasts. 

The Importance Of Knowing The Value Of Your Work

When Miranda first started, she was writing five articles a day which added up to hundreds a month. Now that she has decades of experience, she can charge more per article, so she writes about 40-50 articles a month for about the same amount of money. 

Miranda recommends that new writers make sure that they are getting paid fairly for their work. 

She believes that 10-15 cents a word is an acceptable minimum pay level, but that amount could differ depending on the article’s length and requirements. For instance, if an interview will cost more or if you have experience or credentials in the area you are writing about, you can charge more in the area of 15-25 cents per word. 

Miranda believes it’s essential to know the value of the service you are providing. There are places where you can bid on work, and the going rate will be between 2 and 5 cents per word. In that case, Miranda feels that a freelancer will be better served to go elsewhere and find other gigs that aren’t constantly going to be undercutting you. 

Keeping Niche Writing Fresh

When it comes to writing in a specific niche, Miranda believes there is always a way to keep things fresh. 

For example, in the financial industry, she knows that she will be writing articles about tax credits every February and March. Still, instead of taking the same approach year after year, Miranda likes to think of new analogies that can help her reader better understand and relate to her topic. 

However, if you’re making a living writing, it may get tedious sometimes, and Miranda believes that you have to accept that a bit.

Miranda says, “Sometimes you think you’re going to write something really cool, and now you’re writing about auto insurance again. But that’s okay because the nice thing about getting that kind of narrow and deep knowledge is that it becomes easier and faster for you to come up with new ways to write about that topic.” 

The Freelance Writer Academy

Last year, along with two other friends, Miranda started The Freelance Writer Academy, where they teach others how to be successful freelance writers. 

The Freelance Writer Academy is designed for people at varying stages of their freelance careers. They have courses for beginning, intermediate, and advanced. 

The beginning course gives you the basics to land your first client, find your niche, establish an online presence, and make sure you’re getting paid fairly for all of your hard work.

The intermediate course helps you take it to the next level. There you’ll learn how to shift to full-time writing, learn how to raise your rates, and create a full-on freelancing business.

The advanced course helps you ramp up your business even more. If it’s time to turn your business into an LLC or S-Corporation, you’ll learn how to ramp up your business and scale up your earnings.

The advanced course will also help you identify those things that you can outsource to make the maximum amount of money, doing what you do best, while other people take care of the stuff that is time-consuming or tedious and doesn’t account for your bread and butter. You can buy these courses individually or as bundles together, depending on what you need. Not only will you have all the information included in the course that compiles decades of freelance experience, but they also have additional helpful resources.

A few times a year, different experts come and provide additional webinars, and you can take or Q&A sessions where you can ask them your questions. They also do expert coaching sessions that are included in the academy. Also included are all the templates you need to set up your business, such as work agreements and time trackers, plus an exclusive Facebook group where people can ask questions and check out job postings. 

Learn More!

If you want to learn more about The Freelance Writer Academy, click here. There you’ll find links to their courses and more information about everything you get when you sign up.

You can also find Miranda on her personal website. You’ll see information about her freelancing journey, money philosophy, and how she uses investing to design the life she desires.

Doing Marketing Differently

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How to Become a Freelance Writer
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