The ACTUAL Point of Having a Website

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As a marketing agency, one of the services we offer is website creation. We’re actually doing fewer and fewer websites because our primary focus has been getting more leads and customers while also creating sales funnels.

While these are all things that can enhance your website and make it well worth the investment, you’ll need a quality website to begin with. Right now, I’m wrapping up a really fun website project that will absolutely elevate the profile of one of my clients. Doing projects like this reminds me what the actual point of having a website is.

Some people may think the point of having a website is to have a pretty online presence or to spend up money in your marketing budget. That’s not the case at all.

Elevating Your Platform

The true benefit of having a website is to elevate your platform and show people that your business should be taken seriously. You want everyone to know that you’re official and what you’re doing is not a hobby. It’s a job.

You want to have something that looks professional enough so that people who find you through your content are able to connect with you. Videos are also an excellent way to help foster a stronger connection between you and your target audience.

So when your videos say, “Hey, I am an expert in this,” you want to make sure that when the person comes back and starts looking around at other pieces on your website, there’s a cohesive message there.

You don’t want to have a great video that leads people back to a website.

Inbound Marketing Opportunities

At AmplifiedNOW, we focus on leads and building systems that bring leads in. In other words, inbound marketing. This helps reduce your outbound calling that you may have had to do in the past to reach more clients.

You probably still have to do some of that which is fine. However, a compelling website can do a lot of work for you. By ‘compelling’ I don’t mean that the point of having a website is to make it super flashy and over the top.

Your website can also be very simple. It can be a 5-page website, where you have a homepage, an about page, a work with me page, a contact page and a blog. That’s it. The point of having a website is to have other ways that people can connect with you. When they read a blog post and after they maybe have downloaded your opt-in, they’re going to click around on your website. Maybe they’ll look at your About page or check out your services.

Hopefully they will see that you care enough about the whole client process and the whole customer relationship process.

The Point of Having a Website is to Draw Your Brand Together

Your website should demonstrate your cohesive brand message no matter what page people are clicking through. Your website is just the foundation for your other platforms whether it’s a video on YouTube or your social media. Whatever you are presenting to the world should be cohesive no matter where people may find you.

If someone finds you on YouTube, it shouldn’t be a huge shock to them that the rest of your website looks the way that it does.

For me, having a decent website is basically step 0. You have to do it.

You’re not going to get business based on the quality of the images on your site versus somebody else’s. The way that you’re going to generate more leads is through intentional marketing. That means putting out new content every week. It also means being intentional on social media, creating new opt-ins and new downloads as well as coming up with new ways for people to join your list and become part of your community.

Let’s Discuss Your Website Needs

If you are budgeting $10,000 for a website, come see me. Our websites are $3500. Use the rest of that money that you’re budgeting for a website to start building some content marketing. Just click here to book a call to discuss your website needs.

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