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About AmplifiedNOW

AmplifiedNOW was founded by Kathleen Celmins and Emma Bates in 2020. This business may be new, but we've been working together for years.

We discovered early on that we were a good match. Kathleen is the visionary. Always thinking big picture, coming up with new ideas, and planning for long-term growth.

Emma is the integrator. She focuses on the details of every project and makes sure that the "trains run on time."

Together, their strengths create amazing results for clients who need marketing to happen without taking hours of their time.

Our goal is to help business owners get their transformative online courses, membership communities, one-off services into more of the hands that need it most. We're here to help you make more money, of course, but chances are, you're not just in business to make more money. You created something of value. We want to help you get it into the hands of the people who need it most.

Kathleen Celmins

Kathleen Celmins

Co-Founder & CEO

I love helping businesses who "really don't like" marketing create a system that brings in more email subscribers, more sales, and more happy customers, but, blissfully runs in the background.

Emma Lee Bates

Emma Bates

Co-Founder & COO

My bliss is figuring out the details that make everything work. From tech connections, to making sure the right link goes out to your list, I'm good at the details that make you look good.

Five Facts About Me:

  • I've been working online for 11 years. What started as a personal blog to help me stay accountable to getting out from under a mountain of credit card debt became my career.
  • I worked as a blog manager for an inbound marketing company in 2013, until I realized I had what it took to strike out on my own.
  • And now, more than a decade later, I've found my stride.
  • I help make video marketing more fun for my clients as well as people who are interested in offering video marketing as a revenue stream themselves.
  • I love working with people and companies who make the world a better place.

Five Facts About Me:

  • I believe that you don't have to hustle to build a strong business
  • I think ice cream is the best food ever invented
  • I LOVE young adult fiction and getting lost in a book is my favorite activity
  • I have three kids and two dogs who all amaze me and drive me crazy every day
  • My husband is the smartest person I know in real life

Meet the Team


Jessie Sledge

Project Manager

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Berit Brown

Marketing Assistant


Whitney Henrie


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