Don’t Want to Commit To a 6-Month Content Package? Try This!

Turn one video into 27 pieces of content

Download the exact checklist we use to turn one 5-10 minute video into 27 pieces of content.

AmplifiedNOW implements a content strategy and repurposing system that helps you get more leads and subscribers as well as sales. Our main offer is a 6-month video content package and repurposing service.

The way it works is we sit down and have a 45-minute strategy session where we map out 6 months of content. Even if you come to the brainstorming session with a blank slate, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how this distills into a real plan of action.

Our 6-Month Content Package Process

The brainstorming session can take a lot out of you. So we also set up another time to spend 60 to 90 minutes block recording videos from our list. We don’t do it in chronological order because most of our clients don’t have to follow the calendar in a seasonal way.

What we do is look at the list of topics we came up with during our strategy session. One or two will pop out and we’ll start with the one you feel most excited to talk about.

Next, we map out what we’re going to talk about and I interview you. I mute myself because I don’t need to be in anybody’s videos but my own. So you’ll be talking to me, but essentially to the camera and it will look like a regular talking head video. Also, we don’t script it because you’re an expert.

Talking from the hip is so much better in that you can stand in your expertise. These expert videos come across so personable and we always end them with a call to action. But the fun doesn’t stop there. After we record a group of videos, my team gets to work. We repurpose that video eight ways to Sunday. So the 5 to 10-minute video that you create gets turned into the right aspect ratios and uploaded to multiple platforms.

The Benefit of Getting All Your Content Completed and Ready to Go

Depending on the content package that you choose, you either give us all your passwords or we create all the stuff and send it back to your social team. So during our strategy session, we will have determined which social media platforms we’re going to target. That is where the fun happens because we clip a one-minute segment where you’re speaking about your expertise to use on certain social media platforms.

It’s generally the gems, the 55 seconds of really the best part of what you had talked about, without having to refilm it. Then we post that onto your favorite social media platforms. All of the content that you get, you don’t even have to create.

Yes, you may want to approve imagery. You may want to give us your style guide so that we are using the right colors and fonts that you would use. But you don’t ever have to actually do it. You don’t have to log in or think about the content schedule.

What happens is we post your videos everywhere. Plus, the videos are turned into written content. The written content becomes a blog post: it gets reformatted as a blog post with headers, links, SEO optimization. Your video will also be embedded in that blog post.

In addition to putting the video on the different social media platforms, we turn the written content into social media that you can share. This includes long-form posts for LinkedIn, Twitter threads, Instagram quotes, and Pinterest pins.

What If You Can’t Commit to a 6-Month Content Package?

By now you may be wondering what all this costs. Our normal 6-month rate is $15,000 for 25 videos plus all that repurposing. It’s a killer deal. But some people don’t know if they want 6 full months or can’t commit to $15,000 at one shot. Luckily, we have a reduced package.

It still has the strategy session because you need it. The strategy session will still give you 6-months of ideas, but it’s a more easily digestible 8 videos. So you’ll be able to test this out. For just $5,000, you’ll get 8 videos and can see how we work on amplifying your voice and elevating your platform.

You’ll see engagement and gain a better understanding of what we do. You can still pay us $2500 per month. If you want to keep going after that, we’ll already have everything set up so it’s very easy for you to get going. I have noticed that a couple of clients have been more interested in this package than the bigger package which is why I wanted to talk about it here.

So if you want to talk about a video content strategy, click here to book a call and we can discuss our content package in even more detail. I’m looking forward to chatting with you!

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