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I was recently asked by a client to take a look at his site. We’ve been working together for the better part of 6 months now. He basically came to me and asked if I could take a step back and look at his website to see if there are some really obvious places where there’s a missing opportunity.

I think there are places on everyone’s website where they are missing opportunities to capture leads, turn leads into customers or funnel people down a path. It’s often easy to skip that step though.

When I went to this client’s website, there were some really easy and obvious steps to create a better website and I want you to see if any of these apply to you as well.

Create a Better Website That Converts By Making Your Opt-in Noticeable

Is there an easy place for people to opt-in to your email list? Now, sometimes that’s a quiz. Other times, it’s an on-demand webinar. Sometimes it’s a ‘download this checklist’ but it depends on your offer. It also depends on your brand.

But if there’s not an easy and obvious way to let someone add themselves to your email list, this is step one. It’s very easy to create a bold opt-in on your website or pop-up on your home page thanks to savvy email marketing tools and their configurations. However, with my clients, I can help them do this to take that responsibility off their plate.

Don’t Rush the Email List Sign-up

The second website mistake you could be making is asking for an opt-in too soon. It’s a worse offense to not have any place for someone to give you their email address. But if you want to build a better website, you may not want to have a pop-up appear within a half-second of someone landing on your website.

I don’t subscribe to those personally becomes it comes off as rushed. I wasn’t even given enough time to see if something resonated with me enough on a particular website. Or, maybe someone is just visiting your site for one post and would rather get the information first before being asked to join your list.

That said, if you get a lot of search traffic, you don’t want to have an instant pop up. People likely won’t know you and what your business is about just yet. The only pop-up that I recommend is an exit-intent because they’re leaving anyway.

In this case, you might as well say like “Hey, have you checked out this?” Then you can ask for an email address there. Or you can send them to something else that’s high value.

Don’t Miss the Opportunity at the End of a Blog Post

The next place I look is the end of every blog post to see if there’s a question about subscribing. You can say something like: “Did you like what you saw? Subscribe to our list!” or “Here is all this content in an easy to digest format. Click here, and we’ll give you the PDF.”

If you’re missing that you’re also missing out on an opportunity to create a better website that converts and connects you to your audience.

Take a step back from your website and think about it from a place where people can take the next step with you on the customer journey. Anyone that comes to your website is a visitor and if they give their email address they become a lead.

Create a Better Website For Your Business By Doing This

Turning website visitors into email subscribers is your first step. Then, you can pull them through the process so you can put different content for people who are along the way. It just really depends on where you want to go but doing these things will help you create a better website.

Think about the journey, the different destinations, and the different paths to get there. Then, find out where your gaps are. You’ll see content gaps and conversion-related gaps as well as gaps in your digital marketing strategy. And this is an example of taking a few hours and figuring out what your next few projects are in order to make your website work harder for you. This is especially true if you’re playing a big traffic game.

If you have a robust affiliate strategy, you may also be considering sending affiliate emails to your list. As your list grows, so too can your income if you have the strategy all set.

I am giving out content strategy sessions as part of my offerings. If you want to book a call for one of those you can do that here.

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