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As the CEO of Amplified NOW, one of the things I love doing is conducting content strategy sessions with our clients. Amplified NOW is a marketing strategy firm that focuses on helping speakers and influencers to amplify their message, and these robust content strategy sessions are just one of the ways we do it.

The sessions usually last at least 45 minutes and we spend them asking our clients lots of strategic questions to get great ideas flowing. Before you know it, the ideas are spilling over and you have more good ideas than you expected!

A couple of weeks ago, I had a really fun experience while doing a content marketing strategy session for a brand new client. I was a bit unfamiliar with their brand, and while sometimes this can be considered a negative, a lot of times it is really helpful because it allows you to ask really good beginner questions. 

During this session, I had the idea to ask the client a question that ended up being very informative and interesting: 

“What makes you mad?”

When I asked this question, I didn’t mean things that make us all mad, like being cut off in traffic. I wanted to hear things like, what makes them mad in their industry? What are people getting so wrong that it makes your blood boil? What are some things that you just can’t believe are happening? What are some things that you think just aren’t fair? What are people saying in your industry that makes you upset?

Our client had a visceral response to this question, and I immediately knew that meant I was on to something! While I could have chosen to be intimidated or backed away from something that made our client angry or frustrated, I instead chose to view this as an opportunity to make some really great content. 

The content you create from this question will be passionate, powerful, and fun to create. You’ll be talking to the right people about what is wrong in your industry, and how you do things differently. You’ll be focused on the ways that you make things better and on how you are unique because you doing things the right way. You can address things that are broken and make suggestions on how to improve them. 
Give it a try! 

Content Marketing doesn’t need to be complicated. 

Ask yourself “what makes me mad in my industry?”

Think of all the times you saw, heard, or read something that just made you want to slam a door or scream into a pillow. Consider the things that you’ve experienced that have made you passionate about doing things differently and reaching your clients to let them know you have a better way. 

I think you’ll find that before you know it, you’ll have months of content from this one question and a great start to your content marketing journey. 

These brainstorming sessions are so beneficial to our clients because often when we sit down to create content we come up blank. When you have a content marketing strategy session with us, you’ll leave with a beautiful document that has everything that was discussed arranged into themes.

You’ll be able to look at all the great ideas you have and decide which one speaks to you or reminds you of a story you heard or an experience you recently had. Before long, you’ll be off to the races and creating the content you’ve always dreamed of. 

If you’d like to find out more about a content strategy session or want help building a path to get your business to the next level click here to get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you! 

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