What’s the #1 Reason You’re Not Doing Video?

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What’s the number one obstacle preventing you from doing video? Is it tech? Is it fear? Is it that you don’t think your audience is watching videos? I have an answer for every single one of those questions because if it’s tech, I’m with you and I completely understand.

In fact, this is one of people’s biggest reasons for not doing video. They don’t understand the technical aspect of it.

How to Get Started With Video If You’re Not Good With Tech

There’s actually an easy workaround if you think you’d struggle on the technology side of things. Most people have a newer phone than their computer. We use tend to use our phones more often and they’re easier to lose, break, or simply upgrade when the latest model comes out.

So I have a newer phone than I do a computer, meaning I have a better camera on my phone. In fact, I have a higher resolution camera on my phone than on the camcorder. So if you have a quality video camera on your phone as well, I have a quick, easy way to spend about $30, maybe $45, and have yourself a setup.

If you head over to our video tools recommendations page, you’ll see what I use in my studio and then what we recommend for our clients. In fact, we send out kits for our clients that have a ring light, and a clip-on microphone that go to their phone. Then we walk them through the process of setting it up to put videos in our Dropbox so that they are not using up space on their own because videos take up a lot of space – even these short ones.

As you can see, the tech is actually a lot easier than you might think it is. It’s certainly a lot easier than I made it for myself.

If Fear is an Obstacle Preventing You From Doing Video…

When it comes to not making videos out of fear, I understand this as well because there’s something about being in front of the camera that sort of feels like I’m on stage. I’m not in an auditorium, but I could be and it easily could give me some stage fright. That’s normal.

We have a couple of ways around this obstacle preventing you from doing videos. What I’m finding is that the people that are gravitating toward our service are people who are professional speakers. This means they don’t need much of this warm-up that I am giving to you. However, realize that no matter where you start, you will get better at it with time. Your 10th video will be better than your first video.

Second of all, the way that we set it up in our service is that I’m on the call with you. I am never going to be on the camera with you because that’s not what these are for. But I’m on the call with you so that you’re able to make direct eye contact and record the video as if you’re talking directly to someone because this will help you connect with the viewer on the other side.

So fear is clearly an obstacle that you can overcome. The only way through it is to start doing videos. If you think that video might not work for you, or that your specific audience is not watching video, I would say with 95% certainty that you’re wrong.

Do You Wonder If People Will Really Watch Your Videos?

I’m sure that someone could find an example where people aren’t watching videos. Maybe the vision-impaired are not watching videos, but they’re listening to them. Regardless, don’t let this become an obstacle preventing you from doing videos.

Perhaps if you’re thinking that your people are not doing video, it’s because you don’t really watch videos. However, I’m doing videos for a couple of different reasons but mostly because they are so much easier to get out the door.

I’m doing 100 videos in one quarter. I have never had a time where I’ve been able to write 100 blog posts in a quarter. So keeping that in mind, make sure that you understand that if you have a good outline, you can get through this. Working through our process or working with us means that you can create content that even someone like you would consume.

obstacle preventing you from doing video AmplifiedNOW

We Make It Easier to Overcome Any Obstacle Preventing You From Doing Videos

So what I mean by that is, we take a lot of the heavy load from you when it comes to making and sharing your videos. We edit them in different aspect ratios so they can be shared for social media and other platforms. We cut them down into chunks so you can share snippets to your audience for marketing purposes. We can also turn one video into probably about 30 different pieces of social media content.

Some are short-form while others are long-form. Some are with your face and a quote.

But the point is, once you have a video that you’ve created, then it turns into the written content that you prefer to consume. Maybe you’re right and your target prefers to consume your content via written content. But even if that’s true, I still think you should be doing video. It’s easier.

I’m here to batch out a bunch of videos in an hour and a half. I can tell you how long it would take me to create one blog post. That same hour and a half. So it’s super-efficient. If you want to get started on your content creation, I have a downloadable guide about the Ultimate Guide to Content That Converts, just enter your email below and we’ll send you a copy.

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